(EXCLUSIVE) Chris Brown Settles Lawsuit Accusing Him of Stealing Music for “Don’t Wake Me Up”

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Chris Brown blasted the songwriter who accused him of stealing her music for his hit “Don’t Wake Me Up” saying she was lying, but now the singer has signed a settlement agreement with the musician to end the lawsuit once and for all.

A songwriter named Nayeri Gregor (aka Nayri) filed a federal lawsuit last year against Chris Brown, Sony Music and Benny Banassi accusing them of stealing her music.

Gregor explained that back in 2009 she wrote & recorded a song entitled “Don’t Wake Me Up”.

Then in 2011, she was introduced to a man named Brian Kennedy through a publicist friend. Her friend informed Kennedy that she was a great songwriter and she played for him that night. He liked the music so much he set up a meeting with her at a later date.

Gregor explained that she created a playlist of her work to bring to the meeting which included the song “Don’t Wake Me Up“. She said that at the meeting he placed her CD into his computer and he said Don’t worry, I’m not downloading it.

However, she said Kennedy failed to inform her that he could hear a song once and remember everything from the melodies to the scales after one listen. She claimed he not only downloaded the music she played for him at the meeting but memorized it with his ability to recall melodies.

She said that Kennedy praised her music at the meeting, despite him knowingly full well he was never going to call her again or compensate her for her work. Gregor says she never heard from Kennedy again following their meeting about her work.

Then she accused Kennedy of playing her song for Chris Brown and Benny Banassi and then recorded by Brown and released on his 2012 album “Fortune” and even copyrighted by Brown and Banassi as their own work.

Gregor explained her song and Brown’s song share identical titles, similar lyrics, both begin with spoken words by a female voice and the hook lyrics are identical along with both songs have the same rhythmical figure and overall beat. She filed suit against Kennedy, Brown and Banassi demanding 150k for each infringement along with other damages for their alleged music theft.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Chris Brown fired back, calling all the claims he stole Grego’s track and used it as his own are lies. Brown admitted that the songs have the same title and use the lyric, “Don’t Wake Me Up”. However, he explained the title and the lyric cannot be copyrighted due to them being so common.

Brown said he did not steal anything and added that the woman also waited too long to even file a lawsuit accusing him of copyright infringement.

The singer demanded the entire lawsuit be thrown out and the woman be awarded nothing.

Then on March 8th, despite the singer’s claim he didn’t steal any music — docs were filed by Brown and Grego informing the court that they have reached a settlement in the case. The terms of the deal will remain sealed but per the agreement all claims against Brown will be dismissed and the case will be closed.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams