Awkward Much? Wendy Williams Son Walked In on Her Performing ‘Favor’ On Hubby [VIDEO]

Wendy Williams, husband Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams, husband Kevin Hunter

Walking in on your parents came be traumatic for all parties involved. Just ask Wendy Williams who shared a similarly embarrassing story while on Conan. The daytime talk show host told Conan that in their home, there’s a “no closed doors in the house” policy. Sounds reasonable, right? Not when parents are doing grown folk thangs.

So what happened? Apparently, their son, Kevin Hunter Jr., walked in on Wendy performing a sexual “favor” for her husband. The story goes, it was 2 a.m., and apparently Kevin Jr didn’t make his presence well known before entering their room.

Wendy Williams, son Kevin

Wendy Williams, son Kevin

When O’Brien asked what happened after her son entered the room, she answered,

Well, he didn’t hear anything. He saw the TV. And what do you think we did? Continued.

Wendy admits their son was clearly disturbed. The next day, Kevin Jr opted for a hug, instead of the usual kiss he gives his mother before leaving for the day.

Ha! See the clip below.


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Authored by: Kellie Williams