(EXCLUSIVE) Sports Agent Drew Rosenhause Sues Ex NFL Clients Tony McDaniel and Fred Davis

Fred Davis

Tony McDaniel, Drew Rosenhaus, Fred Davis

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, mega sports agent, Drew Rosenhaus, has headed to court and slapped 2 of his former NFL clients with lawsuits — accusing them of screwing him out of over $312k after he advised them both on several lucrative NFL contracts and now he wants them to pay up.

Rosenhaus, filed separate suit against his former clients NFL stars Tony McDaniel and Fred Davis in Miami court recently.

Fred Davis

Fred Davis

On April 27th, Rosenhaus sued former New England Patriots tight end, Fred Davis, accusing him of screwing him over after he advised him on his NFL contract and even loaned him a substantial amount of money when he needed cash.

The agent says that Davis agreed to pay the agent a 3% fee for negotiating his contact. Rosenhaus provided his services for 2 contracts that Davis needed review along with loaning him money.

Back in April 2014, Davis paid his agent $50k to bring down his debt with Rosenhaus. However, the agent says after that payment, he refused to cough up the remaining balance — so he took him to arbitration where he was awarded a total of $116k for the unpaid loan balance along with $75k in unpaid advisor fees for a grand total of $191k

Davis was ordered to pay the $191k within 10 days of the arbitrator’s decision, which he didn’t. Rosenhaus is now suing for the entire balance due based on arbitration along with his attorney fees.

Tony McDaniel

Tony McDaniel

The next month the agent headed back to court and slapped former Seattle Seahawks defensive tackle, Tony McDaniel, in Miami Court.

The agent accused McDaniel of screwing him out of over $120k in unpaid fees, due to him having successfully negotiated a 2 year contract for McDaniel with the Miami Dolphins in 2011 and a 1 year contract for him with the Seahawks in 2013, a 2 year contract with the same team in 2014 and a 1 year contract for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2015.

McDaniel paid $20k to Rosenhaus, but failed to cough up the remaining $121,375 in fees for the contract work. He took him to arbitration as well and was awarded the full amount he requested which was to be paid within 10 days, but once again the debt wasn’t paid to the sports agent.

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Rosenhaus has now sued demanding McDaniel cough up the $121k ASAP. Both cases are still pending and neither NFL star has responded to the allegations in court.

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Authored by: TJB Writer