Kenya Moore Admits She Had Ulterior Motives With Phaedra’s Husband Apollo: I wanted closure.

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Is it EVER appropriate to have a one-on-one with your cast mate’s husband–especially when you two have a semi-history?

That type of scenario took place on Sunday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. While the cast took a couples trip to Mexico, a conversation between Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks’ husband, Apollo, went down.

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In short, the two attempted to discuss rumors surrounding their alleged inappropriate behavior. A few have criticized Kenya for initiating the conversation, but the ‘Gone With the Wind’ star admits that she had an ulterior motive. On a personal BRAVO blog post she explains that she really wanted him to admit his wrong-doing. She writes:

All the women were invited to the lounge, but of course they were all late so Lawrence and I joined them. I did have an ulterior motive in hanging out with them and that was to get the truth out of Apollo. You catch a rat with peanut butter not salt.  Once they were relaxed, it was my moment. I wanted an admission of guilt, an apology, and a resolution from Apollo and I succeeded. As a result of me being non-threatening, Apollo admitted that he felt he could have slept with me yet I never offered him sex (“I can say how I feel you don’t have to offer.”)

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She continues:

Apollo’s fictional stories about LA and anything else were retaliation for me making him look bad because I revealed his texts to me (“You took a jab, I took a jab regardless of whose head got knocked off.”) I wanted closure and to move on. I can’t do that without a conversation. We have never had that and Phaedra deserves to know the truth as well. However, it was Phaedra who decided to go on a national platform and recite Apollo’s lies without ever speaking to me or fact-finding. So not only did he try to hurt me but she willingly participated.

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Kenya however does take full responsibility for sending what she calls ‘friendly’ text messages to Apollo. She explains:

With that said, I am guilty of one thing and that is responding to Apollo’s friendly texts. I have wholeheartedly apologized as it was inappropriate. Additionally, my poor choice opened the door for these types of people to drag me through the mud outside the prism of RHOA. But liars never win and karma is a bitch. Stay tuned for the conclusion next week.

Anywho, BRAVO knows how to drag a story line! Next week, Phaedra reacts to the conversation above and it doesn’t look to pretty.

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