The Curvy Girls Guide to Shopping: Lane Bryant, Forever 21, Asos Curve, Posh Curves, Monif C


Hey curvy fashionistas! Do you find it difficult to find cute items to wear that will accentuate your curves? If so, we may have found the perfect options for you to consider. With the fashion industry finally paying attention to the curvy girls needs, the options to buy fashionable pieces have increased. Many clothing companies and brands have expanded their lines to now appeal to the curvy size market. We are super excited about this phenomenon, and are here to share with you our favorite places to shop.


Lane Bryant is one of the first companies to embrace the full figured woman with its brand. Recently designer Christian Siriano collaborated with the brand to release a line to bring high fashion to the company. We love the pieces from this line. To shop these looks check out their site here: Lane Bryant By Christian Siriano


Another great company that caters to the curvy girl is Forever 21. Not only are the close trendy, but they are also reasonably priced. Check out this sexy black dress by the brand. It would be perfect for a night out on the town. Shop the look here: Forever 21


Asos Curve is another great place to shop. If you’re on the hunt for a classic tailored suit, check out this look from brand. This look would be great for a meeting or a regular day at the office. Shop the look here: Asos Curve


Summer is still here, and if you are looking for fun summer fashions check out Posh Curves. We love this playful jumpsuit from the company. Shop the look Here: The PoshPeople


For the curvy fashionista that is in need of a sexy bathing suit to rock poolside or at the beach, Monif C is the company you need to check out. How sexy is this bathing suit? It is sure to create waves on the beach. Shop the look here: Monif C.


Written by: Tiffany Greene


Authored by: Kellie Williams