Lebron James Is Shaking The Ghost of Michael Jordan


Since Lebron James entered the NBA in 2003, the Cleveland Cavalier star has been compared to the GOAT Michael Jordan in his prime during the 90’s with the Chicago Bulls, who by the time was James’ age of 31 had already won 6 NBA Championships, a 6 time NBA All Star MVP and countless other accolades over his 20 year plus career. Countless fans have wondered if Lebron will become the next Jordan after returning home to Cleveland and leaving (in 2010) to be a part of what would become the “Big Three” with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat.

Now after 3 NBA Championships, his most recent this past 2016 NBA Finals with his hometown team the Cavaliers, the man who brought the town and the team to the forefront now reflects on this past season and why being compared to Michael Jordan still haunts him to this day. Check out some of the excerpts from the interview.

On his motivation:

My motivation, is this ghost I’m chasing. The ghost played in Chicago.

On the career comparison to Michael Jordan:

My career is totally different than Michael Jordan’s.  What I’ve gone through is totally different than what he went through. What he did was unbelievable, and I watched it unfold. I looked up to him so much. I think it’s cool to put myself in position to be one of those great players, but if I can ever put myself in position to be the greatest player, that would be something extraordinary.

On how this year’s accomplishments vs. year’s past:

This was bigger for me than the first and the second, because of everything it represents.

On his role of being a team captain and taking a different approach on keeping his team in check:

It wasn’t going well, and I had to look in the mirror, I had to reset, recalibrate and get out of that little funk I was in. I had to command better. As tough as I’d been, I think the guys wanted me to be tougher. If the bus is at 9:45, get there at 9:40. If you’re not going to practice hard, sit out. We couldn’t have any more slippage. I had to keep doing this.

On the text he sent to his team after being down 3-1 during the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors:

No matter how we got to this point, we’re here now. . . . We have to go to Golden State for Game 5 and we have to come home anyway. So why not come home and play a Game 6. . . . Let it go, play hard, be focused, follow my lead, and I’ll make sure you get home for a Game 6.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams