(EXCLUSIVE) ‘Diamonds of Atlanta’ Strippers File Lawsuit: You owes us money!


theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, the strippers at famed ‘Diamonds of Atlanta‘ have had enough. They’ve banded together to file a class action lawsuit against Ludacris and many others favorite Gentleman’s club, accusing them of violating labor laws and screwing them out of $$$.

The dancers who filed suit against Diamonds of Atlanta and the people who run the club include: Karena Van Hook, Janna Anderson, Raquesia McLean, Delisha Watkins, Michaela Harris and Ebony Yarbrough.

Several of the women plaintiff’s worked at the strip club for years. The suit explains for the past couple years the club has grossed in excess of $500k.

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Ludacris at ‘Diamonds of Atlanta’, Photo: ExclusiveAccess.Net

All the women say the club employed house moms and managers who had the authority to require the dancers to change their clothes or not be allowed to work, require them to change their hairstyle, could suspend or discipline them and make them attend meetings to discuss problems with the strippers dress, hair, makeup, weight and appearance.

Diamonds of ATL required all the girls to follow rules of conduct and check-out once they finished. They also provided the stages and poles for the women.

The house moms or managers would give prospective dancers a ‘body check’ to determine if the girl’s body was up to par to dance on the stage.

Rapper Fabolous at 'Diamonds of Atlanta', photo: ATL

Rapper Fabolous at ‘Diamonds of Atlanta’, photo: ATLNightSpot.com

They say the club classifies the women as independent contractors and not employees. However, they disagree due to the conditions the club imposed on them when working.

The women are suing, accusing Diamonds of ATL of failing to pay them hourly minimum wage or overtime. They are demanding the court order the club to pay all back wages for the unpaid hours, unpaid overtime pay and their attorney fees. The women are also seeking liquidated damages from their former employer.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams