(EXCLUSIVE) Rohan & Bob Marley Family Hit With Lawsuit: They’re trying to use late singer to make money!

Rohan Marley

Rohan Marley

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Bob Marley’s son, Rohan, is accused of being a greedy ungrateful business man who will do anything to make a buck off his late famous father and now a former business partner has slapped him and the Marley family with a lawsuit demanding they pay up damages for their actions.

Here’s the latest: On August 4th, Jammin Java (JJC) fired back and counter-suit Rohan Marley explaining

This is a classic case about greed and unabashed self-interest and dealing.

The company says Rohan and the family hatched a transparent plan to take over the business of JJC at all costs in an effort to make higher royalties off Bob Marley’s name, likeness and image.

In doing so, they have ignored binding contracts, asserted claims that were waived and barred and bullied Jammin and it’s current management to enter contracts that benefited the family and not the JJC.

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The company points out that they have increased revenue from $400k to $12.3 million in only 4 years and now the Marley family wants to improperly reap the benefits.

They accuse Rohan and his family of breaching the deal and are demanding their original lawsuit be thrown out of court and they be awarded economic, punitive and exemplary damages for the actions of Bob’s greedy family.

Here’s the backstory: This year, Fifty-Six Hope Road Music Limited and Hope Road Merchandising – companies owned by Bob’s widow and children – filed suit against Jammin Java accusing them of breach of contract.

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According to the complaint, the late musician’s family licensed the use of his name to Jammin Java to use the Marley name for the sale of coffee beans. However, they said that the company has been behind in his royalty payments to them and failed to even provide accounting. They said Jammin Java was engaged in a series of unlawful business practices, some that violated federal securities regulations.

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The family had enough and terminated their agreement due to the numerous breaches. They filed suit demanding damages for the breaches and a court order prohibiting Jammin Java from continuing to use their mark along with attorney fees.

Rohan MA

Rohan MA

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Authored by: Kellie Williams