(EXCLUSIVE) Ellen Degeneres Producers Want Lawsuit Dismissed


Ellen Degeneres

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports: Ellen Degeneres’ producers have fired back at the woman accusing the talk show host of defamation – due to a segment in which the comedian made light of Titi Pierce’s name – and the show execs are demanding the entire case be thrown out of court.

Here’s the latest: On August 2nd, Warner Bros – producers of the show – returned to court blasting the Georgia woman saying Ellen was making a lighthearted joke and the entire lawsuit is nonsense. They explain Ellen is a well-known comedian and that her humor is family-friendly. Warner Bros. says Ellen nor her segment defamed Titi and the comments made were not only parody, but protected under the 1st amendment. They point out she was smiling and laughing when making the joke and it was all in good fun. The segment merely made a comical observation that Tit’s name sounded like the word for breasts. Ellen’s producers are demanding the woman not be awarded a dime in damages and the entire case be dismissed.

Here’s the backstory: Back in June, a real estate agent named Titi Pierce filed a federal lawsuit against Warner Bros Entertainment over Ellen Degeneres over a segment on her show. The Georgia woman was furious after the daytime talk host featured a segment called “What’s Wrong With These Signs?” During the segment, the comedian showed a real estate sign advertising the Georgia broker. Ellen pronounced her name ‘titty’, but Titi’s name is actually pronounced ‘Tee Tee’.

Titi blasted the comedian saying nobody has ever pronounced her name wrong in 35-years. She accused Ellen and the show producers of ruining her good name. Following the show airing, Titi said that she received calls from people mocking her and ridiculing her name — which she said caused her emotional distress. She filed suit seeking unspecified damages for defamation and invasion of privacy.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams