Marsha Ambrosius Opens Up About Child’s Father: He’s my future husband.

Dez, Marsha

Dez Billups, Marsha Ambrosius

This summer, Marsha Ambrosius (39) fans were THRILLED to learn that the singer was pregnant. In fact they were extremely surprised when a baby bump made it’s debut last month in New Orleans. Marsha has shared very little about her personal life, but now she’s giving the public some insight on life away from the stage. 31-year-old Dez Billups (her boyfriend and father of her unborn child), and 39-year-old Marsha met last year during the Floetry reunion tour. In an interview with EBONY, she said that he was a roadie.

I had no clue who he was. I just knew he was very attractive and a distraction that I was completely set on staying away from. It was a four-hour walk through Downtown to the ‘hood and back to our hotel. Talking about life, love, family, past relationships, what we were looking for in the future, God, everything. We’ve maybe spent – since then – one day without each other. Maybe two.

And as expected, the pair are madly in love.

He made me feel like every love song I’ve ever written. This was what I was talking about. He makes my songs make sense. I listen to them, write them and give them away. But, now I’m in love, I get it. I feel absolutely corny as hell because this is too happy. Who is this happy?

Marsha says motherhood and a future marriage to Dez are inspiring her work now.

I know it sounds deep but this is insane. There’s something way bigger than me going on and if I felt it before, I feel it more intensely than I ever did because I’m about to be a mother to a baby girl, future wife to [someone] who is going to make a wonderful husband. Putting myself in that mind frame, it sounds like a walk in the park, but I’ve got some work to do. Maybe 10 years from now I’ll be listening to [the stuff I’m doing now] with my daughter and say, ‘That was for you. You needed this now. I think I needed it then but, no, it had nothing to do with me.’



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Authored by: Kellie Williams