(EXCLUSIVE) NFL Star Jason Pierre Paul Accused of Lying By ESPN, Demand Fireworks Injury Lawsuit Dismissed

Jason Pierre Paul

Jason Pierre Paul

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, NFL star Jason Pierre-Paul is a lying hypocrite — so says ESPN, who claims he consented to them releasing his medical records and even authorized the photos to be published in another sports magazine after they posted their story. They are demanding his case be dismissed and he be awarded nothing.

Here’s the latest: On September 12th, ESPN and Schefter fired back and filed their response to the lawsuit for the first time and say Pierre-Paul consented to the use of the medical chart and photos.


Further, they blast him for suing them for publishing it and then subsequently authorizing the release of the images of his medical condition to Sports Illustrated.

They say the NFL star was not caused any injury or damaged due to their story or the Tweet published by Schefter.


ESPN is demanding the entire lawsuit be dismissed, the NFL star not be awarded dime and he be ordered to pay their legal bills.

Here’s the backstory: The football star sued ESPN and reporter Adam Schefter last year following them posting a story that published his private medical records – related to the July 4th incident in which he blew off a finger when playing with fireworks.

The reporter allegedly obtained the NFL star’s records including his medical chart and tweeted a photo of Pierre-Paul’s chart to his 4 million followers.

Pierre-Paul filed suit demanding unspecified damages for the invasion of privacy.

ESPN and Schefter attempted to dismiss the lawsuit calling it frivolous and demanded Pierre-Paul’s lawyers be sanctioned for even filing the suit. They claimed the First Amendment protected them against the legal battle.

However, the judge presiding over the case didn’t see things the same way. Last month, the sports outlet and reporter were shut down in their attempt to dismiss the lawsuit before it went any further. The order stated that Pierre-Paul’s case would not be dismissed and he can continue on with his lawsuit.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams