(EXCLUSIVE) Derrick Rose’s Rape Accuser Drags Donald Trump’s Controversial Video Into Legal Battle

(EXCLUSIVE) Derrick Rose's Rape Accuser Drags Donald Trump's Controversial Video Into Legal Battle

Derrick Rose’s Rape Accuser Drags Donald Trump’s Into Battle

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Derrick Rose’s rape accuser has returned to court demanding the NBA star not be awarded $70k from her to pay his costs in the case — dragging Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood video into the argument. She has noted that a high-profile case that brought a discussion of celebrity men committing sexual assault like the President-elect and is demanding his motion be shut down or it would send a chilling message to other sexual assault victims.

Here’s the latest: On November 10th, Rose’s accuser returned to court blasting the NBA star for attempting to have her pay $70k+ for his court fees since he won the legal battle. She explains Rose’s motion should be shut down, due to her having limited resources to pay such an amount and the NBA star being extremely wealthy.

(EXCLUSIVE) Derrick Rose's Rape Accuser Drags Donald Trump's Controversial Video Into Legal Battle

Derrick Rose

Further, she says that if the judge orders her to pay the amount it would send a chilling effect of other victims in similarly situated plaintiffs. She says,

It is also appropriate to deny costs in cases which present strong issues of social importance or where the issues raised were difficult and close.

She points out she spent a considerable effort in litigating this case and, as an individual currently working towards obtaining a degree, has limited financial resources. The accuser says Rose by contrast is an individual of extreme wealth and receives over $20 million from his current contract with the Knicks and that doesn’t account for his numerous other sources of income in the form of endorsements.

In addition to financial hardship, this is a case of considerable importance because it involves an attempt to achieve, through the civil courts, broader protections for alleged victims of sexual assault.

(EXCLUSIVE) Derrick Rose's Rape Accuser Drags Donald Trump's Controversial Video Into Legal Battle

Donald Trump

Moreover, issues involving similar circumstances have been at the forefront of the local news (with the passage of mandatory minimum sentences for the sexual assault of unconscious or incapacitated victims in the wake of the Brock Turner case) and the national news (with the country engaging in a national debate on the treatment of women by celebrities and men in power in light of, among other things, the recordings of President Trump boasting of his ability to engage in sexual assault because of his celebrity status).

She explains she endured in bringing such a high-profile case and faced significant risks such as loss of privacy, humiliation and embarrassment. She also submitted to multiple depositions, cross-examinations and a long and acrimonious litigation that questioned all aspects of her character and credibility. Further,

It should also be noted that here, Rose is seeking over $70,000 in costs—more than seven times the amount the Jefferson Court deemed inappropriate.

She is demanding his motion be shut down and the judge not order her to pay him. During his 8 seasons with the NBA, he reportedly was paid over $94 million dollars and he has a 13-year million dollar contract with Adidas worth a reported $185 million.

(EXCLUSIVE) Derrick Rose's Rape Accuser Drags Donald Trump's Controversial Video Into Legal Battle


Here’s the backstory: Last month, a jury found the NBA star and his 2 friends not liable for the alleged gang rape of Rose’s former girlfriend. The jury consisted of eight members – six men and two women.

According to reports, the jurors were unanimous in their decision on the first vote. They explained that “nothing added up” and therefore it was a quick discussion before they read their verdict in the court room, after only hours of deliberation.

The woman at the center of the case accused Rose and his friends of gang raping her at her apartment back in 2013. She filed suit demanding $21.5 million dollars in damages. On November 4th, Rose filed docs in the case demanding the woman be ordered to pay him $70,917.16 to reimburse him for the costs of defending himself.

He explained the accuser should be on the hook for $646 in filing fees, $9,569 in fees for service of process, $14,181.32 for reporters transcripts, $15,335.95 for depositions, $8,743 for witness fees, $2,260 for interpreters and translator fees, $5,699.39 for certification and reproduction of documents costs and $14,047.50 for “other costs”. Rose included in the “other costs” including $4,890 in mediation fees that he spent for two unsuccessful mediation sessions with mediators.

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