Kehlani Will Never Be In A Public Relationship Again

Kehlani Will Never Being In A Public Relationship Again

Grammy-nominated singer Kehlani, has finally released her debut album “Sweet Sexy Savage” to critical acclaim. During a recent interviewthe 21-year-old Bay area native shared details of her relationship with Nick Cannon, moving to New York and why she will never ever have another public relationship. Check out the excerpts below.

On issues with her vocals: 

Well last night my voice was completely gone. Right now this is me just being horse. Last night I would open my mouth and nothing was coming out. I was trying to answer questions and nothing come out.

On why her first project was a mixtape:

I didn’t go through the process of like… this is my debut album and planning everything with the record label. It was me just doing everything.

On transitioning to working with a label: 

My label is pretty cool. They really work with me, and support me. They understand me as a person before the artist part. They put me as a person before the artist. They don’t really push me when I feel like I need a break. They let me do my thing and I like them for that.

On loving music and not the fame:

Yeah, I don’t really like that I’m headed there. I don’t think I want to be in that realm. I want to drop an album, go on tour, and then go home. Drop and album go on tour and then go home.

On wanting a normal life:

Yeah, just a regular apartment with my cats and my friends. The scene is a smaller thing in New York and everybody so cool.

On being surprised by the album reviews: 

Yeah, umm I don’t really have expectations for anything in life anymore. So everything is super surprising and awesome. I’m just happy people are listening.

On the writing process for this album:

I wrote like 90 percent of this album. I got some help from Ester Dean on “ Wanna Be”, Starz wrote on “Wanna Be “; Charlie Heat helped on the hook for “Undercover”. But 90 percent of this album is me.

Nick Cannon

On her relationship with Nick Cannon: 

I was part of this group that was a cover band. And we went on America’s Got Talent and met Nick Cannon. He later asked me to be part of a rap group. It wasn’t a bad rap group, it just wasn’t for me and I didn’t fit his vision for it. I left the group and put out my first solo song on Soundcloud. Nick called me and was like I totally get what you’re trying to do now you’re so not a rapper.


Authored by: Kellie Williams