Denzel Washington’s Future Was Predicted By Complete Stranger

Denzel Washington’s Future Was Predicted By Stranger

Producer, director and award winning actor Denzel Washington who is known for his roles in “Malcolm X”, “Training Day” and Oscar favorite “Fences” recently revealed that a complete stranger predicted his greatness. He explains,

I had flunked out of college and I was sitting in my mother’s beauty shop and I could see the lady in the mirror behind me and every time I looked up she was looking right at me. I am flunked out of college right now and it is March 27th 1975 and I started acting four months later and she said ‘You know young man you are going to travel the world and speak or preach to millions of people.’ When she said that she wrote prophecy and she could not even spell it well then my mother wrote preacher and then I wrote my name and it was on a blue envelope and I still have it.


Authored by: Kellie Williams