Andrew Caldwell Ordered To Pay Kordell Stewart $3 Million Over Gay Accusations

Andrew Caldwell Ordered To Pay Kordell Stewart $3Million Over Gay Accusations

Andrew Caldwell Ordered To Pay Kordell Stewart $3 Mill

It’s time for Andrew Caldwell to pay up. The former viral sensation has been ordered to pay
Kordell Stewart $3 million, for claiming that the pair had a sexual relationship. Last year, the former NFL’er was awarded a ‘default judgment’ because Caldwell failed to report to court. And on Friday, Stewart was awarded $1.5 million in general damages and $1.5 million in punitive damages as his reputation was ‘significantly’ hurt by the claims. Last week, Caldwell’s rep released the following statement:

Mr Caldwell has not been served any documents referenced in the Daily Mail article dated February 24, 2017. However, should he be properly served by a court with jurisdiction, he welcomes the opportunity to detail, under oath, his sexual encounter with Mr. Stewart. This is not the first time Mr. Stewart has desperately sought media attention by professing his heterosexuality, nor the first time he’s threatened a lawsuit against Mr. Caldwell. Mr. Caldwell will aggressively defend himself in a court proceeding should that be warranted. Until then, he is very excited about his new ventures and will focus on his new website, his designer t-shirt line and launching his Youtube channel.

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