(EXCLUSIVE) Rick Ross: I had no idea I was being sued!

(EXCLUSIVE) Rick Ross: I had no idea I was being sued!

Rick Ross

Rick Ross: I had no idea I was being sued!

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Rick Ross has rushed to court pleading with a judge to cut him a break in the legal battle over a 2012 concert he allegedly bailed on. The Mayback Music founder and rapper claims he had no idea he was even being sued and demanded the judge not award a default judgement against him.

Here’s the latest: On May 9th, Ross’s camp rushed to court filing a motion to dismiss the entire case, stating despite the company’s claim he was never served with the legal papers.

The rapper claims he had NO IDEA he was even being sued over the 2012 concert. He explains the man the company said they served isn’t a representative of him, nor are they allowed to take service on his behalf. Ross is demanding the entire case be thrown out due to insufficient service of the legal papers.

(EXCLUSIVE) Rick Ross: I had no idea I was being sued!

Here’s the backstory:  Back in 2013, Mithraic Group Entertainment sued Ross over a 2012
concert at the University of Texas, that the rapper never bothered to show up despite being booked.

The company explained they signed a deal with the rapper’s rep, Talent Access, to book Ross, Machine Gun Kelly and Meek Mill.

The deal was to pay Ross $110k for a 45-minute set and they paid a deposit to the rapper of $55k, which was wired to his account. They also paid $20k to Meek Mill and $12k to Machine Gun Kelly.

However, they later learned Talent Access booked a side gig with Live Nation and the rappers never showed up to their scheduled performance at the college. The company sued demanding the return of the deposit (which they refused to turn over) and for damages for lost profits from the concert.

Back in November, Ross was hit with a default in the case due to the plaintiff alleging they served him with papers but he never bothered to respond in court.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams