Mo’Nique No Longer Beefing With Tyler Perry: I don’t give a f*ck about your money.

Mo'Nique No Longer Beefing With Tyler Perry: He called Me.

Mo’Nique No Longer Beefing With Tyler Perry

It appears that Mo’Nique has ended her beef with Tyler Perry. As you know, last week, the comedian and Oscar Award winning actress made headlines for slamming the director, along with Oprah and Lee Daniels, during a comedy performance. See the clip.

However, over the weekend Mo’Nique admits that the pair and her husband had a conversation, which seems to have eased tension. She says,

I wanna give that brother credit where credit is due. We did get a call from Tyler Perry last night, but I’ll share the conversation tonight but he did call….If a brother or sister call — that brother did pick up the phone and we did have a conversation and Imma share. And I told him I was [going to share it].

She also jokes,

And I talked to Madea too.

Our guess is, Mo’Nique will spill the tea on their conversation, during her stand-up.  Click here for details on why Mo’Nique has an issue with Oprah.

Update: Footage of Mo’nique’s set about her conversation has gone viral. She explains the conversation telling the audience,

When he called up, he said -I watched your podcast and I saw your pain. I said n*gga that’s not pain, that’s called honesty, don’t get it confused. Then he wanted to start talking to me and my husband like he was a  billionaire I said n*gga we don’t give a f*ck about your money, let’s start talking one-to-one and let’s start talking some real sh*t.

She also jokes that when Tyler wasn’t coming correct during their conversation, she told him to put Madea on the phone.

See the clip below. Swipe to see Part 2 of her comments.

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