(EXCLUSIVE) Donald Sterling – Judge SHUTS DOWN 1 Billion Legal Battle Against NBA

Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Donald Sterling has been shut down in his 1 billion dollar legal battle with the NBA and commissioner Adam Silver, with a federal court judge throwing out his entire case and awarding the former owner of the Clippers nothing from his complaint over his issues with having to sell the team.

Sterling filed suit against the NBA & Silver for 1 BILLION dollars, claiming he was unconstitutionally bullied out of the league. He claimed that following the recording of his racist rant being released he was booted and he claims it was baseless and a violation of antitrust laws.

The NBA and Commissioner Adam Silver filed their response in Sterling’s lawsuit against them. They called his entire legal action BS,  stating that the former NBA team owner wasn’t the sole trustee of the trust who owned the Clippers — but his wife was and she sold off the team.

They claimed the sale was legal and within her rights. The NBA said Sterling had no legal leg to stand on whatsoever. They explained they gave him a chance to meet with Silver being he was terminated but he cancelled his in-person interview.

Silver and the NBA then counter-sued Sterling claiming per his contract with them they were indemnified against any and all legal actions, debts, obligations, losses, damages or settlements.

Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano

Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano

The NBA & Silver sued seeking damages, costs and attorney’s fees related to Sterling’s statement and conduct, the investigation that they had to conduct into the leaked tape, the discipline they had to place upon him, the proceedings to terminate his ownership of the team and even the response to his billion dollar lawsuit.

Both sides have been fighting back and forth in court for over a year. Then on March 22nd, the federal court judge came back with his decision and sided with the NBA and Silver by dismissing the entire 1 billion dollar lawsuit and awarded Sterling nothing from his complaint.

The judge points out that the NBA is a private party along with Sterling and the Federal Government can’t interfere with their business. Further, he says the NBA offered to meet with Sterling and provide every opportunity to be heard and they informed him they would listen to any evidence he had to show them.

The judge states Sterling cannot prove that the NBA deprived him of a constitutionally protected interest. He even points out that the State Court already approved his wife’s sale of the Clippers. He even believes that she obtained the highest price she could for the sale of the team. The order explains Donald cannot claim he had been injured by the sale when it was purchased for 2 billion dollars.  The case was closed the same day.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams