(EXCLUSIVE) Laura Govan Opens Up About ‘Fix My Life’, Being Molested At 8 & Co-Parenting w/ Gilbert Arenas: He stopped paying child support.

(EXCLUSIVE) Laura Govan Opens Up About 'Fix My Life', Being Molested At 8 & Co-Parenting w/ Gilbert Arenas: He stopped paying child support.

Laura Govan On ‘Fix My Life’, Molestation & Gilbert Arenas

Laura Govan has made it clear that she is more than a reality star and ex-fiancee. Recently, the mother of four did an episode with Iyanla: Fix My Life and during the episode, Govan touched on a number of things. From her controversial relationship with ex-fiancee, Gilbert Arenas, to the status of the relationship with her sister Gloria Govan and getting back to herself. Immediately following the show,  Laura spoke exclusively with Jasmine Brand from theJasmineBRAND.com, reflect on the show, moving past issues with her parents and what’s next for Govan. Check out the excerpts below:

(EXCLUSIVE) Laura Govan Opens Up About 'Fix My Life', Being Molested At 8 & Co-Parenting w/ Gilbert Arenas: He stopped paying child support.

On why she decided to do on Iyanla: Fix My Life:

I felt like it was time. You know, for the most part, I’m over it [persistent drama with ex-fiancee] and tired. I wanted it to be an end of a new beginning.

The hardest ‘Fix My Life’ moment for Govan to watch:

There is a lot that wasn’t put in it. For the most part, it’s hard. I had to take myself out of it and become a fan. Which is what made me cry. I could see the hurt, the pain. It was hard to watch. It was a hard pill to swallow.

On the aftermath of watching herself:

Initially, you see it and you think ‘Oh my God, look at my chin! Who did my makeup? Fired!’ I don’t like to watch myself on TV. I would prefer not too. I really wanted to see this this time.

 On if her relationship issues with men, stem from her relationship with her father:

I feel like now, looking at that, yeah. And I’ve talked about that a lot, since then. It’s so funny cause I use to say he was just like my father.

On her comparing her ex-fiancee Gilbert Arenas to her father:

Their demeanor, control. I didn’t see it then, but I see it now. Its funny how I fell suit to my mom.

On her biggest issue with her parents:

They don’t believe [when it comes to her sister, Gloria Govan] me. And I feel like sometimes they go where the winds takes them, opposed to parenting. That’s f*cked up, but that’s the truth.

Laura Govan To Address Gilbert Arenas & Gloria Govan Drama On 'Iyanla: Fix My Life'

Gloria & Laura 2015

On her remarks concerning her issues with her sister, Gloria Govan:

I haven’t spoken about them [issues] so much, in honesty.

One of the issues she had with her sister: 

She stayed with him in my house in DC for 3 days when I wasn’t there – things like that. There was a lot going on.

In that situation, if she gave her sister permission to stay at their home while she was away: 

You think I’m going to give her permission? No. There answer is no and I would never do that you know and that’s what she had done. And you telling me that you wasn’t beating [having sex]? Girl, bye.

If she ever caught Gilbert and Laura having sex or if there were signs that she noticed: 

Come on, J. And you’re a woman.

If her parents believe that Gloria and Gilbert had sex:

They do now. They actually sat and listened and understood.

On the status of her and her sister’s relationship:

I’m pretty cordial. Especially when it comes to business. If there is something going on and we have to be in the same room, I’m pretty cool. I’m not extra. I don’t hate her. I’ve forgiven her. I don’t trust her. And if I saw her in a fight, it’s going down. But I couldn’t say that a year ago, honestly.

On to Iyanla’s comment, “Next time I see you, dress like a mother and not a reality star.”:

Initially, I thought, ‘Okay. That’s just TV talk.’ First of all, you tell me how a mother’s supposed to dress. And second of all, clothes don’t dictate me as a mom.

On co-parenting with Gilbert Arenas:

As of now, we still don’t co-parent. I’ve reached out; trying to co-parent. For whatever the reason, he just doesn’t talk to me.

On the persistent court battles between the ex-couple:

I thought the child support would be the last ‘Hoo-Rah!’ Things are very much so – on his end – still, worse. And I don’t know why.

(EXCLUSIVE) Laura Govan Opens Up About 'Fix My Life', Being Molested At 8 & Co-Parenting w/ Gilbert Arenas: He stopped paying child support.

Gilbert Arenas

On the status of Govan and Arenas relationship:

I have no ill-will for him. I want him to move on and be happy. Not to say he hasn’t in a lot of ways. And when I talk about him, I want it to be in good light. I want it to be when our kids see us talk about each other from this moment on, ‘Yo! My parents are dope!’

On if Gilbert Arenas pays child support:

What?! No. He wants to drown me of money and make sure I have none. He gave me an ultimatum, actually.

On the ultimatum he gave her:

He sent my parents a text message to send to me, about a ‘non-negotiable deal’. Like dude, you just got a court order to pay me child support.

On getting a mediator for the Arenas and Govan:

We’re past that. Here’s the thing: you [Arenas] got a court order. Let’s just follow it and move past it.

On if Arenas and Govan could meet with with Iyanla:

I would love that. She said it’s so bad that she would do it on camera or even off camera.

On why she thinks their relationship is so bad:

I just think he has a vendetta. I’ve been with him for 16 years. I always went back. And so now, I’m not that ‘girl’. Would he say that? No.

On her favorite part of doing Fix My Life:

Getting my voice out. In her arms, I haven’t cried like that in years. If she would let me go, I would have tipped over.

On her overall experience with the episode:

I liked it. I feel like there should have been a part 2. There was more to a lot that was already said.

On her feelings towards her molestation:

Yeah. I was f*cking violated. It’s crazy, I’m not a f*cker. It still plays a big part. I’m still very protective of me and my body and who I am. For someone that has taken that away from me, I have to live with that for the rest of my life.

I think its very common. Which is really awful. Because like, as human beings, we are sexual beings. I feel like the word no, or taking advantage of someone, its all about control and power. It’s more so a control issue. I want to target that. It makes it really hard for my children.

If she’s dating:

Yes, I’m dating. I always end up being the homie. It’s either they hate me because I didn’t sleep with them, or they just end up being my good friend.

If she plans to do reality TV again:

Yeah, for sure. I like reality TV. Drama or no drama. I think there’s always a story to be told.

Laura Govan

Her new accessory line:

So, I have Shop in Real Life which has been doing really really well. And it has been a blessing for me. I had no interest in accessories. I just didn’t have the interest. I wanted to take care of me. I needed something to do.

On what she feels is her biggest misconception:

I’m a gold digger, bad mom, I cook bad, I dress like a slut. Naw, I’m just kidding.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams