Hill Harper Adopts Son

Hill Harper Adopts Son

Hill Harper Adopts Son

Congratulations to Hill Harper! The actor, who recently co-starred in All Eyez On Me, has an adopted 18-month-old son named Pierce. Harper shares,

[Adopting Pierce] was the greatest decision I’ve ever made and I’ve never been happier.

Harper always expected that he’d be married first, then have children. However, he believes that fate brought him and Pierce together.

For years, I always wanted to be a parent. I thought, you know, you get married, you have kids.

In the summer 2015, a friend suggested Harper begin thinking seriously about adoption.

And I was like, ‘Oh, you know, I’m not ready. I’m not married yet.’ And she said, ‘Why not? Just have a conversation. Find out what’s all that.’ 

Harper connected with an adoption attorney, who walked him through the process and advised him to call when he was ready.

Fast-forward to a few days before Thanksgiving [2015], and my phone rang. 

The attorney informed him that a woman giving birth in three weeks was looking for adoptive parents for her child. Initially he was shocked by the shortened timeframe. However, after he had a conversation with Pierce’s “amazing” birth mom, it quickly changed his mind.

I really felt like it was God telling me to do it. And I’m so glad that he chose me, and [Pierce’s mom] and God and the universe chose me.

Harper was there when Pierce was born and shares,

I was so scared. I think because it was such a huge decision. But looking back now, all the fears I had were ridiculously small compared to the joy of having him in my life and having the opportunity to be a father.

He also has the support of his mother, family and girlfriend.

Until the last 18 months, I’d never changed one diaper in my life, and now I’ve changed thousands. I’ve gotten pretty good at it!


Congrats to him!

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Authored by: Kellie Williams