Kevin Powell Suing “All Eyez On ME”: They didn’t pay me or give me credit!

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Kevin Powell Speaks Out About Tupac Lawsuit

Former Vibe journalist Kevin Powell is hitting the Tupac biopic, “All Eyez On Me”, with a copyright-infringement lawsuit. He explained his decision stating,

After a great deal of thought and consultation with many, including my attorneys, I have filed a federal lawsuit against the producers and writers of ALL EYEZ ON ME, the new Tupac Shakur biopic, for copyright infringement. After viewing the movie twice in the past few days, it is clear that my exclusive Vibe cover stories on Tupac Shakur (when he was alive), were lifted, without proper credit or compensation of any kind to me, and used in ALL EYEZ ON ME. As the owner of the copyright to these articles, ALL EYEZ ON ME infringed on my rights by using content and narrative that was exclusive to my writings. I am seeking justice and a resolution in this matter that is fully fair to me and all the work I’ve done throughout the years, as an author and protector of the Tupac Shakur narrative. Any questions are to be directed to my lawyers, Keith White and Ken Montgomery, kei[email protected] and [email protected] I have nothing further to say at this time.

One of Powell’s lawyers added,

Kevin Powell has consistently worked to cover and protect the Tupac Shakur narrative with integrity and dignity. To that end, Kevin took creative license to protect the complex human being that was Tupac Shakur. This included fact-specific narrative changes and character creation in an effort to protect the legacy that Tupac was still building. Kevin’s exclusive and intimate access to Tupac Shakur came as a result of the trust established over the years. The narrative that Kevin developed from many intense and exclusive moments with Tupac should not have been used in any film without Kevin’s approval and consultation.

Powell was portrayed actor Hill Harper.

On Set Filming ‘All Eyez On Me’

The Lionsgate film was directed by Benny Boom and produced by Lenton Terrell Hutton.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams