EXCLUSIVE: “Real Sidechicks of Charlotte” Deny Breaking Up Families, Reveal ‘Sidechick’ Advantages & Backlash [INTERVIEW]

EXCLUSIVE: "Real Sidechicks of Charlotte" Deny Breaking Up Families, Reveal 'Sidechick' Advantages & Backlash [INTERVIEW]

“Real Sidechicks of Charlotte” Cast Speaks Out

Earlier this year social media went into a frenzy when it was announced that a group of ladies from Charlotte, NC were creating a show to reveal their lives as “side chicks.” At the time, the public was trying to figure out if the Real Sidechicks of Charlotte was a real show or an attempt at women trying to gain attention. Well, it turned out it is, in fact, a real show is under way. In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND.com, the cast opens up about how the show was created, what their lives are like as ‘side chicks’, some of the backlash they’ve received and whether they believe they’re destroying families. Check out a few excerpts from the cast below.

How the idea of the show began:

The idea of the show all started with a song [called] “Side Chick” by Mr.704. They did a video to promote the song and a director from here seen it and it took off.

How the cast for the show was selected: 

They put the casting on social media. They had two castings and about 50 girls showed up and the director chose all the cast members.

If each of them are currently side chicks: 


The definition of a side chick: 

A side chick is the fun girl. We are a gift to your man when he’s ready to get away from you because you’re giving him a headache. So he comes here and we have a good time and I show him a good time and he shows me a good time in return.

If all of them are okay with dealing with men who are married: 

[One cast member says] I don’t mess with a married man. I feel like a relationship it’s just a name but when you really vow to do this and that I’m good. I’ll let y’all have that.

If any of them have been in a situation where initially they were side chicks, but they wanted more from the relationship: 

I think that’s my disadvantage sometimes. I can’t speak for everybody but it’s not easy to not have feelings for somebody. You can’t control your feelings they do come, but I have to step back and look at the bigger picture and realize what it is.

If there’s an age limit for when they will stop being a side chick: 

I use to feel like that but sometimes you just get tired of men and their bull crap.

The difference between a prostitute and a side chick: 

A prostitute is someone who doesn’t have their s*** together walking around looking like a crackhead. I don’t think people are comparing side chicks to prostitutes.

If they are concerned with what their family may think when the show airs: 

I consulted with my family they were pleasantly surprised; I couldn’t believe it. I had reservations about it because of the name of the show and I have children but they were happy for me.

Check out the interview below!

Part 1

Part 2

The show is still looking to be picked up by a network, so no official air date has been released. In the meantime, follow them on Instagram @therealsidechicksofcharlotte.


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Authored by: Kellie Williams