Chris Brown: I’m done letting y’all see what I don’t want you to see.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown On New Music, Evolving As An Artist & Daughter Royalty

At this point, 28-year-old Chris Brown is a veteran in the music game. The outspoken Virginia native has been releasing chart topping hits since 2005, with no sign of slowing down, he’s now gearing up to release his eighth studio album “Heartbreak on a Full Moon”. In a recent interview, Brown dishes on his new documentary, if his daughter Royalty understands how famous he is and

On why he feels people are judgmental about his song lyrics: 

You know what is funny, a lot people make comments about the lyrical contents of what I am saying, they only care because it is me. If it were “Molly and Percocet’s” everyone would be turning up and overdosing at the same time. The record is about fun; it is about exactly what you see as far as the video, pool parties, that summer vibe. Pills and automobiles is a terminology a slang we use. I just felt that record was kind of like fun.

On his evolution as an artist:

For me, I am always a head of schedule. Even in fashion, we always prep for what is ahead, so in the summer we prep for fall. My strategy is like controlled chaos because I think I kind of record as many songs as possible, or just go off of a vibe and then I will shoot it or come up with an idea for the videos and shoot it. I have the freedom to dictate my whole project without anyones opinions except for my fans, because I want to know their feedback and what they like.

On his documentary:

I think with this film, it kinda just embodied what my fans actually respect me for and also them getting to know me a lot more, so instead of me kind of just painting an image or coming up on a radio show or any where I go and just act like me. I just let it be natural, let a be real and let it flow from the heart, and at the same time being a man about everything in it’s entirety and being who I am as an artist.

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Rihanna, Chris Brown (circa 2013)

On if he spoke with Rihanna about the documentary, which mentions their fight: 

At this point that is irrelevant, the movie is all ready out.

On the amount of music he creates:

It’s actually got better because I just built a studio at my house, so I never have to leave. So for me, on my phone right now I have 800 songs on my phone that no one has heard but I am not bragging. That is just my work ethic. [It] only allows me to stay creative so, I will never try to make a song like this is my last hit or I will only make this kind of song.

I think when it comes to music now, even with the executives, they are numbers kind of people [saying] ‘oh they are hot because this is the trending thing, that is cool’. I like everybody else’s but when it comes down to actual working in the studio I will get on a record with everybody, young person, old person you know. I love music in it of itself, so me being able to create at an abundant rate, I think it is a blessing. I am just thankful and I appreciate that I can still do this 13, 14 years later.

If he is done with having his personal relationships in the pubic eye:

I’m done allowing you to see what I do not want you to see. I feel like my fans, I am dedicated to my fans to be able to work on my album, or say I am going to put 45 songs on this album or say I am going to put out what ever for free. It works in a circle, they are the consumer, they make you who you are but, in order for them to grow with you, you have to invest in them, you know invest in your stages or spend real bread that you are getting from them.

You have to make that the actual goal, so when they do see the entertainer your
artistry and talent speaks for your self and they don’t feel like they just wasted there money watching you stand around and do nothing on stage. For me it is more of a focus about who was there for me and or who is becoming new fans. My only competition is to beat myself, but not on the last record but just in life. Just to see if I can always prove my self wrong, we doubt ourselves a lot.

On if he has found his sliver lining, through the challenges during his career:

For me, my initial issue was fear, then you have the excuse you put on which is usually anger or blaming someone else. I am not a victim by any means nor I am every going to play it. I think that people idolize a lot of things and they grasp or hold on to everything someone says and then they dehumanize them. So I think for me it is more so me not caring about my status anymore. It is just about the objective at hand, if I can rattle your subconscious in a good way unconditionally.

On why he named his upcoming album “Heartbreak on a Full Moon’’:

For me, I think about everything that I went through rather it be positive or negative, whether it be certain substance songs that I feel lack in our genre of music, even real songs. With this album I wanted to capture all the bases of who my audience is, and what songs they could actually identify with. More R&B all my girl fans are going to love it then are going to have it, more pop you are going to have it, but it is still going to be my essence. I don’t really try to listen to what is in rotation because everyone tries to make a song that is
just like the hot song.

On who he collaborated with on this album:

It is everywhere from Kodak Black, Yo Gotti, Jhene [Aiko], Verse Simmons, Ty Dollar Sign, Future, Young Thug. More of the singles off of the album are collaborations but if you listen to the album in depth it is more about me.’

Chris Brown, daughter Royalty

On if his daughter Royalty understand that he is famous: 

Yes, so she tells me ‘I am Chris Brown, you are not Chris Brown,’ and I say joking around ‘yes you are you are good.’ She always asks my mom ‘when can I go on stage with daddy again?’ because she remembers from my Royalty album concert in LA and she was only two and I took her on stage and she remembers it, and says ‘I want to get on stage.’ Royalty is by far the better half of me.

On Royalty lifting his spirits:

I do not care about any of my problems if she is around because the responsibility is to take care of her needs.


Authored by: Kellie Williams