Cardi B Despises Her Haters: I hate y’all. I wish y’all would catch something.

Cardi B

Cardi B Talks Hater, Fashion & Family

With a few monster hits under her belt, Cardi B is seemingly unstoppable! Born Belcalis Almanzar, the Bronx native became the first solo female rapper in two decades to have a No. 1 song since Lauryn Hill did it with “Doo Wop (That Thing)” in 1998 and this just the start of her career. Recently, Cardi dished about her haters, how much her family means to her and what REALLY gets under her skin. Check out a few experts below.

On the most expensive thing she has bought since she has become famous:

It has to be my Bentley truck. It is not that big and I do not even drive it because I do not know how to drive. It is tangerine orange and I am rapping about it too. [ For] somebody who took the train their whole life to have a car, is a big thing to have a luxury car is like’ ohh snap!’ I be looking at my car sometimes and be like, ‘I cannot believe this is my car and I cannot believe I bought it!’

On what she has not bought yet that she has to have: 

I want to buy this extravagant mansion with probably eight or ten bathrooms. I really want that and my dude wants that and we are planning to get one.

On the fashion designers she raps about:

You know what?  High end designers I like? I like D-Squared, I like Givenchy, I like Versace, I like Gucci, I like all that stuff but you know what else you are going to hear about in my raps? You are going to hear about Fashion Nova and Steve Madden. You want to know about something?… Not everyone cares for bloody shoes. It is true. I did say it my song and I love those shoes but those are not shoes everyone can afford. It is like I am going to rap about something and I am going to make it trendy like I made [Christian] Louboutin, I did spike sells on Louboutin, it is a fact.

It was in article, I read it with my own eyes. I am going to make other things spark to,  because I want women who cannot afford the same things to look fashionable too. You want to know something? Fashion Nova is the only thing that can really fits my body. These high end designers I love them but none of their jeans fit this ass.

On why family is important to her:

Family is actually my peace of mind. I love my family. If I was to have a camera with me, people would see that I speak to my dad every single day, my dad is my best friend, he works with me and everything. He drives me around and stuff like that. He is really like my best friend. My cousins, I love my niece. My sister is like the other half of me, my mother. My family, I love them.

On if anyone in her family calls her out:

Hennessy, my sister does. She be like, ‘You are a stupid bi-ch. Why would you say that? You stupid bi-ch. Stop listening to fu-king people, what the f-ck!’  Like sometimes I be sad and my dad be like ‘what is wrong?’ and I be like ‘This fame sh-t’ and he be like ‘who cares do you see this truck?’ (referring to her Bentley truck)

Offset & fiance Cardi B

On the most annoying thing that Offset does:

When he buys food and he do not eat it. I am a person that sees the spending.

On the song Cardi and Offset might dance to at their wedding:

I do not know what song he would pick but I know the song that I would pick. I am not going to say the name because I do not want to look sensitive. But it is between Al B. Sure or Grace Jones.

On what a Cardi B love song would sound like:

I told you yesterday, I did a love song and when I was doing the verse I just kept thinking about a couple a month’s back when me and Offset where not on really good terms and I was getting really pissed off and really f-cking emotional and then I was like ‘who cares I got a ring.’ So I could really make a song about hurt because I have been hurt by a lot of men, I am talking about like how sad I be when a dude curves me, and I never talk about sh-t like that because I refuse to let people know that I get sad when a man do not answer my calls.

On haters:

I always talk about the haters; I am always going to talk about the them because I hate them. I hate you all; I wish you all catch something.

On not being able to respond back to her haters:

A lot of these celebrities do search their name on Twitter, they do read their comments on Instagram. I feel like they do not respond because it is the celebrity thing to do, it is like you to cool. I am not to fuc-ing cool to tell your mother fuc-ing ass something like ‘how your mother fuc-ing square ass going to talk sh’t about me like you know me like you know my struggle? This is not easy; my career was not given to me.’ It is people out there who really think they know you and they really do not know you. I be hearing crazy rumors about me and like every two weeks I am pregnant. Every two weeks it is a rumor that I am pregnant and people just flip things.

On what really gets under her skin and hurts her feelings: 

Sometimes my looks. I feel like every woman hates when people say something mean about their looks. Women do not ever want to feel ugly. Sometimes people want to make me feel like I am wack or I do not know how to do this or I do not know how to do that. If I did not I wouldn’t have a number one record. People think that Atlantic Records just signed me because I am popular. No I had mix tapes and they sold a lot.

By:@Thankm3soon & Martel Sharpe

Authored by: Kellie Williams