Michael Blackson Ex Fiancée: He Cheated On Me With MULTIPLE Women!

Michael Blackson Ex Fiancée: He Cheated On Me With MULTIPLE Women!

Georgia Reign, Michael Blackson

Michael Blackson Ex Fiancee: He Cheated On Me With MULTIPLE Women!

Michael Blackson is officially single and his ex fiancée is revealing why the comedian is back on the market. Blackson was engaged to singer named Georgia Reign. Reign alleges that she broke up with Blackson after she discovered he had cheated on her with multiple women. She shared the news in a lengthy social media post. Showing her engagement ring, which she says she cashed out on, she writes:

This is the LAST time I will address my ex! Let this be a lesson to ALL??
Last year, Valentines Day I was engaged to a man I’d been with PUBLICLY for 2 1/2 almost 3 years…or was it almost 4???????. Happiest girl in the world. WRONG! Later to find out that all of the DM’s, fake acts leaving comments about him cheating were true. Not just with 3 or 4 but with MULTIPLE women. Thanks to messy ass blogs for exposing his dick online, It changed my life for the worst….so I thought. Thanks to my followers and Liv Over at @teatenders_liv for supporting and rooting for me??? it later made me realize that you can never do enough or be enough for a man when he’s not MENTALLY strong enough and have never experienced a woman of your pedigree. He had deeper issues than I could fix. So when ppl say “you’re bad but he cheated with someone ugly or you couldn’t keep him” lol NO BABY! He couldn’t keep ME! NOBODY knows the man you sleep next to for years better than you? There’s no hate towards him just prayers for him and the women who aren’t strong enough to not creep with men who are known to be in relationships! SELF LOVE and waiting for a man of God is worth being single ANY DAY. Didn’t say I was lonely?? but this time around it will be THE RIGHT ONE?? MOST OF ALL I’m proud that I was strong enough to not play out the 8 Times I’d killed him in my head?Bitch I’m coming back like CIARA??Tonight I’m celebrating with my girls. Happy Valentines Day babes?Love y’all. YES! I cashed out on the ring???


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Authored by: Kellie Williams