Gucci Mane Receives Backlash For “Romper Style” Clothing While Vacaying in Florida

Gucci Mane Receives Backlash For “Romper Style” Ensemble

Gucci Mane and his wife, Keyshia Ka’ior-Davis kicked off their summer in a extravagant way. With their designer suitcases packed, the newlyweds zoomed over to Orlando, Florida to experience Walt Disney World. The flashy couple decked themselves out in colorful sundresses and bright eccentric teeny shorts, the couple shared their weekend excursion through photos and videos via Instagram.

In one image, the “Zone 6” rapper is captured wearing a short-sleeved silky shirt with matching shorts; the ensemble has dark-tones of rose/pink-flowered accents that give his heavily tattooed skin a certain pop. While both Keyshia and Gucci are known for their distinct style, onlookers still have yet to accept their acquired taste. After posting the image, comments ensued with judgement, backlash, and ridicule. One user wrote,

So u just gone go in Keisha closet today huh thug 

Another added, 

You coochie mane from now on??

And someone else commented,

There’s NO damn prison in the world that changes anyone like this. Where did they put the original? This isn’t Gucci mane! Lol

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Me and my Wife Living The Life!

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In another photo, the pair is captured together while gazing into each other’s eyes. Keyshia can be seen in an aquatic tie-dye colored sundress that outlines her signature figure. In the coupled picture, users still had more to say. One suggested,

Bro did you lose a bet against your wife??? Tell us something! Lol

Another proposed,

When she steal yo hoodie so you steal her entire fashion nova set ?,” “I’m happy 4 u bro but u could of killed em wit some jeans and a white t …dat fit look suspect my g

What do you think of Gucci’s ensemble?

By: CaDarius Booker 

Authored by: Kellie Williams