Keyshia Ka’oir: My Business Is Worth $30 Million, I’m NOT A Trophy Wife & I Don’t Wear Fashionova!

Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka’oir

Keyshia Ka’oir: My Business Is Worth $30 Million & I’m NOT A Trophy Wife

Despite being the famous wife of Gucci Mane, Keyshia Ka’oir Davis has no plans to stop working on growing her business. The former video vixen says that her businesses are worth $30 million. To date, a few of her ventures include Ka’oir Cosmetics, Ka’oir Fitness and Ka’oir Hair.

Keyshia & Gucci

The 33-year-old and 38-year-old Gucci jumped the broom last year in a $2 million Miami wedding that was chronicled on their BET reality show, The Mane Event. Keyshia says that she wanted to highlight her business on the reality show.

Gucci always says, It’s crazy how of a great businesswoman you are, and how successful you are. People don’t know this. They get a glimpse of it, but they don’t really know how I run my business.

Kesyhia & Evelyn Lozada circa 2011

Recalling how Keyshia’s first venture started, a lipstick line, she says that one night in 2009 she wanted to wear blue lipstick to match her shoes and her dress. She says that she couldn’t find one from any of the major cosmetics companies.

My friends were all like, you can’t wear blue lipstick because people people will make fun of you. I ignored them, because I’m always a unique person and I want to be over the edge.

She says that she got creative and mixed her blue eye shadow with some lip gloss to create a sky blue lipstick. The look ended up on all of the blogs.

No one knew my name, no one knew who I was, but everyone wanted to be the girl with the mohawk and the blue lipstick.

She added,

I had to come up with my own makeup line, starting with that blue lipstick. It now retails for $17.99.

According to Ka’oir, the line took off from there.

If you see someone back in 2010 with blue, yellow, green lipstick, I knew it was my brand. It was successful because it was different. You couldn’t get it from anywhere else.

She says she made her first million in six months after launching the business and bought herself a Rolls-Royce.

And when I bought it, I cried, and I don’t cry for nothing.

Thankfully, she has the full support of her husband.

Gucci is an amazing husband because he supports me. A lot of men are intimidated by successful women. Not him, though. He wants me to shine. He wants me to be successful. At least, it’ll have him save more of his money if I’ve got money, right? Because I’m an expensive wife.

She launched her second business, a fitness line in 2013.

I don’t want to be classified as this black girl with this big ass. I just want to look good in whatever I put on and what makes me happy.

She says that Fashion Nova has repeatedly offered her money to wear their clothes on Instagram.

I don’t wear no Fashion Nova. 

Her line includes her own line of waist trainers, which she calls Waist Erasers ($69.99). She also has Ka’oir Slimming Tea ($26.99), Thigh Erasers ($54.99), a Body Burner slimming cream ($29.99), a full-body sweat suit ($89.99 to $110.99 depending your size), and a 14-day weight loss plan ($29.99). This year, she launched Ka’oir Hair.

I find myself in a brand-new wig every day, and wigs are a billion-dollar business. 

Keyshia Ka'oir: My Business Is Worth $30 Million & I'm NOT A Trophy Wife

Keyshia Ka’oir

She says of people comparing her beauty line.

I started this whole thing. It’s flattering that the big makeup artists and the bigger celebrities completely learned from me or got ideas from me. I’m not going to knock anyone, because there is enough money for everyone to make. There’s nothing I can do. I’m not going to sit here and cry over it. I just move on and make my companies bigger.

When asked to clarify  the $30 million figure that her companies have made her, she says:

My companies are super successful and I shared some ways with you of how to keep it that way, because I don’t have any overhead expenses. I don’t have any debt. I bought my house in cash so I don’t have a mortgage. I bought my car with cash. I buy my Birkin bags with cash. I don’t have credit cards. I don’t have partners. I like to write one check for ten million dollars, and done. It helps that I have a super-rich husband, but I’m making all this money and I invest in myself. It’s so easy for me to make 30 million dollars because I’ve seen a lot of celebrities go wrong.

Keyshia Ka’oir, Gucci Mane

While she has a super rich husband, Keyshia concedes that she had a successful business before meeting him.

I started my business before I even met Gucci. So for me to transition into this super-successful businesswoman, it wasn’t difficult for me at all. I was never labeled as ‘dating a rapper for his money.’ For some reason, that didn’t come to me because everyone knew I grind for whatever I wanted.

She adds,

I’m not a trophy wife, and I don’t ever want to be classified as that. I almost feel worthless if I don’t have a new product coming out or something new to do. So no, the answer is no. Gucci’s wife? Laying home? Never. I would die. I want to see other women be as independent and make as much money as their husbands these days. It’s easy.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams