Rah Ali Hosts “It Chicks” Dinner: Blac Chyna, Brooke Bailey, V Bozeman, Tori Brixx Attend

Jasmine Brand, Toccara Jones, Melyssa Ford, Elise Neal

Rah Ali Hosts “It Chicks” Dinner: Blac Chyna, Brooke Bailey, V Bozeman, Tori Brixx Attend

This week, reality TV personality Rah Ali hosted the 4th Annual “It Chicks” dinner at BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood, CA.

Brooke Bailey, Rah Ali

Thirty beautiful, powerful, connected women sat together in a private dining room filled with an undeniable heir of empowerment, style and class.


Guests included: Blac Chyna, Brooke Bailey, Candace McCaney, Dreka Gates, Echo Hattix, Elise Neal, Eva Perry, Isis King, Jasmine Brand, Jeroslyn Johnson, Kerianne Enderline, Kiona Cresean, Melyssa Ford, Michelle Savage, Milan Zoe, Miss Diddy, Monica Lynn Monica Payne, Rah Ali, Sandy Coffee, Sarod Bertin, Simon King, Stephanie Gayle, Toccara Jones, Tori Brixx, Treasure Thompson and V Bozeman.

The purpose of “It Chicks” was designed to bring women together to build strong support systems and to show them that they are not alone.

Former Basketball Wives LA star and mother Brooke Bailey shared a very personal story of her son who suffers from a severe disorder.

This vulnerable moment opened up the platform for all of the women in attendance to share a vulnerable story of their own.

Blac Chyna


Dreka Gates


Melyssa Ford, Miss Diddy, Tocarra Jones

By the time the night was over, hugs, kisses, tears, information exchange and laughter filled the room.

Surviving her own experiences, Rah Ali, who starred for multiple seasons on Love & Hip Hop: NY, wanted to show other women that it was ok to be vulnerable amongst each other and show them that strong support systems do exist and that you should never have to hide your accomplishments or struggles but embrace them. She explained,

The purpose of the dinner is to bring women from all different professional backgrounds in one room together to foster new relationships, give the opportunity to network and indulge in something we all already love to do as females which is dress up have great conversation and cocktails.

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Blac Chyna, Jasmine Brand


Lala Siza Hands, Elise Neal, Blac Chyna


Authored by: Kellie Williams