Rich The Kid’s Fiancée Tori Brixx Seemingly Calls Out Jayda Cheaves For Allegedly Sliding In His DMs [VIDEO]

Rich The Kid, Tori Brixx, Jayda Cheaves

Rich The Kid’s Fiancée Tori Brixx Seemingly Calls Out Jayda Cheaves For Allegedly Sliding In His DMs [VIDEO]

Rapper Rich The Kid’s fiancée Tori Brixx says she’s ready to tussle with some women during a recent Instagram Live.

Earlier this week, Rich The Kid and Tori Brixx engaged in a Instagram Live session with their fans and followers when things quickly turned spicy. At one point during the Live, model/actress Tori Brixx, 32, is seen visibly upset seemingly due to other women attempting to get with Rich The Kid, real name Dimitri Roger.

Rich The Kid, Tori Brixx

One of the women mentioned in the Live is social media influencer and entrepreneur Jayda Cheaves, 25. She is also the mother of rap artist Lil Baby’s youngest son and his on-again off-again girlfriend.

Lil Baby, Jayda Cheaves

While chatting on the Live, Tori Brixx, born Tori Hughes, initially appeared to become hesitant to speak on the situation that was bothering her. However, she eventually muscled up the courage to get her thoughts off her chest. When she went to speak to Rich The Kid, Tori began with,

“It’s a couple b*tches I got to beat up. At least two. Should I drop their name or not?”

Seemingly refraining from naming any names, she said,

“It’s two b*tches I got to beat up ’cause they disrespected me.”

Tori Brixx

The mother-of-one continued,

“Ima DM them directly. I ain’t no Instagram b*tch. I’m a real b*tch. One of them is a prostitute. All you gotta do is Google what b*tch is a prostitute that f*cks for features. And her songs ain’t even hitting.”

When the “Plug Walk” artist asked who the second woman in question was, Tori responded,

“I just feel like… Really it’s your fault I should f*ck your a** first.” 

Rich The Kid

Tori added,

“First off my b*tches will slap the f*ck out of all y’all weak a** heavy lip fake a** b*tches. You Atlanta fake wanna be star b*tches. You fake want to chase after your baby daddy but your baby daddy f*cking everybody b*tches. Yeah. The Jayda’s, the whoever b*tches.”

Rich The Kid, 30, and Tori started dating back in 2018 and were engaged in 2019. The pair also share a son together.

Rich The Kid, Tori Brixx

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely