James Harden: The More You Work, The More You Figure Out How To Be Great

James Harden

James Harden Introduces Gummy Shaped Adidas Shoes, Sports Pink Glitter Shorts In New Shoot!

A basketball God by day and fashion icon by night, there is no fear in the NBA baller. James Harden, who is considered tough to guard due to his explosive moves on the court, continues to ‘pop’ as a top athlete and also in the fashion world with trendy outfits. His fashion-forward mindset has led him into other profitable ventures where he can showcase his “weird” style. Seen in numerous commercials, the NBA guard releases the most creative ads from a pro athlete thru candymaker Trolli, a company that makes Harden shaped Gummis.

One of its signature creations are the Gummis molded into his line of Adidas shoes, which the Houston Rockets player enjoys the wild ideas Trolli comes up with that complement his own style. In an interview, James Harden talks about his partnership with Trolli and what sets him apart from most men when it comes to high fashion. See the excerpts below.

On the creative process with Trolli:

It’s a match made in heaven, Trolli comes up with some bonkers idea, and they bring it to me, and then they’re like, ‘Oh, I don’t think he would do that—it’s just too crazy.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it.’

On what motivates him to reach his professional goals:

The more you work, the more you figure out how to be great. Just keep adjusting, keep adapting, the key is knowing who you are—believing not only that you can find the giant’s weakness but also that you are the giant, our goal is to be the best, not the best who’s out right now, but the best, you know, longevity.

On wearing pink glitter shorts:

Pink glitter shorts, You’re judging me already. I can see it in your face, that’s one of those outfits where, you know, it’ll go on Instagram and guys will be like, ‘What the heck is he wearing?’ Most guys wouldn’t do that. Most guys don’t want that attention.

By: –@IkeMorgan

Authored by: Kellie Williams