EXCLUSIVE: Birdman & Mack Mane – Lawsuit Settled Filed by Parents Accusing Them of Portraying Their Son As A Murderer

EXCLUSIVE: Birdman & Mack Mane – Lawsuit Settled Filed by Parents Accusing Them of Portraying Their Son as a Murderer

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, Birdman (real name Bryan Christopher Williams) and Mack Mane (real name Jermaine Anthony Preyan) are no longer facing a lawsuit filed by the parents of a 17-year-old teenager. On May 10th, court documents were filed explaining the parents have settled the entire lawsuit and the case will be closed.

Here’s the backstory: Birdman and Mack Maine were accused of ruining a teenager’s image by falsely portraying him as a murderer. The teens parents sued the pair, demanding damages for their son’s mental distress.

Mark and Becky English – parents to a 17-year-old-with the initials P.E. – filed a federal lawsuit against Mack Maine, Young Money, Cash Money and Birdman.

They explain that back in February 2014, a Texas court sentenced a man named Ethan Couch – who drove intoxicated and caused an car accident killing 4 people and injuring 2 others – to a lock-down residential treatment center and no jail time.

They say the media portrayed Couch as a privileged, spoiled, son of rich parents with a sense of entitlement that gave him a license to do whatever he wanted with no regard to others.

The parents state that Mack Maine then recorded a song entitled, “Ethan Couch”, for which the rapper of his people acquired a photo of their son, P.E., for the album cover of the song.

They say that Cash Money or Young Money received permission to use their son’s photo for the album cover, which they say gave a description of Couch’s felonious background which was then falsely attributed to their son’s image.

The complaint added that the family nor their son had any relationship with the rappers.

However, the album cover is still featured online on various outlets and sites which the parents say continued to falsely identity their son as the one who committed the heinous acts.

The parents filed suit explaining their son has suffered mental distress and they demanded damages for his injuries.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams