K.Michelle Hints Love & Hip Hop Cast Faking Storylines!

K.Michelle Hints Love & Hip Hop Cast Faking Storylines!

A month after singer K. Michelle underwent surgery to have her but implants removed, she is back on Twitter throwing shade at an unknown individual. On social media, the Love & Hip Hop star says,

I guess bringing the Real to LA LA is about to be pretty interesting.

She goes on to tweet,

I honestly never had to fake a storyline especially to the extremes. My life has always been crazy enough. My prophecy for attention and then boom all of a sudden she will claim a miscarriage so her lies can be overlooked and she’ll play victim by claiming the stress did it. Remember this day people.

Finally she ends the rant by tweeting,

These storylines are getting out of hand. Next they’ll be claiming Jesus came and sat at the foot of the bed!

If those tweets weren’t juicy enough, her Love & Hip Hop cast mate Moniece Slaughter even co-signed,

Deaconess Kimberly with a word for the congregation today. Look at your neighbor and say neighbor, rebuke the devil for he is a lie.

Rumor has it, K.Michelle and Moniece’s comments may be directed to their VH1 cast member, Lyrica Anderson. Nonetheless, the network is currently filming for the upcoming season, so we’ll likely see this play out on the show.


Authored by: Kellie Williams