Kash Doll & Boyfriend Break-Up Over Photo w/ Drake

Drake, Kash Doll

Kash Doll & Boyfriend Break-Up Over Photo w/ Drake

Rapper Kash Doll recently revealed on Instagram that she is back on the market. During an interview on Angela Yee’s Lip Service, the Detroit-bred emcee revealed that she and her boyfriend, Shawn, broke up over a photo that she took and posted on social media with Drake. Yee says of Kash Doll’s photo with Drake,

You know what I did think? ‘Kash Doll and her boyfriend must have broke up, because he’d be mad about a picture like that.

Kash Doll responded,

That’s what happened! But it’s just like, ‘This is my world. Like, what do you expect? Like, I’m a rapper, too.’

She also says about her friendship with Drake,

I really have mad love for Drake, because when I was stuck in my legal situation, he asked me to come open up for him in Detroit, and I just felt like I was in one of the lowest of my life, and he came and lifted my spirits. So, it’s like, forever I always got love for him. And we never dealt with each other. It was never nothing like that.

That low point Kash Doll is referring to is her lawsuit and the federal drug money laundering investigation against her former Detroit-based record label, BMB Records. Kash Doll sued label owner, Brian “Peanut” Brown for skipping out on a $5000 signing bonus, and accused him of intimidating her into their agreement, in which he threatened to “destroy her and her career” if she didn’t sign with him. The BMB roster also included singer/reality star Ray J, “Empire” actress/rapper Bre-Z, and former Murder Inc. rapper Charli Baltimore – who accused the label’s head of physical abuse.

Kash & now ex boyfriend Shawn

Kash says about the photo which triggered their split,

I feel like I shouldn’t be explaining that [the picture with Drake] to my man…I feel like if my man was rapper, and he was with Rihanna, and he had a picture just hugging her – I wouldn’t care. I don’t be trippin’. If you’re at Magic City, that’s different.

She continues,

I act the same way when I’m around a man with zero dollars, and when I’m around a man with one hundred million. I’m the same woman. That sh*t don’t move me.

Does Kash Doll’s ex have a point, or was the photo opp as innocent as she claims?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Kellie Williams