Kash Doll Explains “She Bad” Controversy, Denies Beef w/ Cardi B

Kash Doll Explains “She Bad” Controversy, Denies Beef w/ Cardi B

“She Bad” is one of our favorite songs on Cardi B’s debut album, “Invasion of Privacy,” but it’s been revealed that it was originally West coast rapper YG’s song, which he offered to several other female
rappers first.

Detroit fan favorite, Kash Doll, initially said she was making a remix to “She Bad,” but later revealed YG offered her the song first after fans accused her of stealing the song.

She explained on social media:

I did the song back in January. YG asked me to feature on it. So, I got on the song, and you know, I’m like ‘Whatever.’ Handed in the feature; didn’t hear nothing else about it. Then when her project came out, the song was on it. But y’all know me – I don’t care. I don’t play that game. So I just left it alone. I’m like, ‘I’m not even about to mention it or say nothing about it, because it’s like ‘Whatever.’ You know what I’m sayin’?

She continued,

But since I couldn’t give y’all the ‘Check’ video, I’m like, ‘Alright, I’m just gonna give them the remix so they could, you know, have something to hold them over until I’m able to give them the ‘Check” video,’ right? So I go to go put it up on SoundCloud, ’cause I’m not about to sell it, ’cause you know, I’ve been writing remixes a long time. So I go put it up on Soundcloud, and um, they blocked it. So I can’t put it up. So that’s what happened.


Dreezy later revealed she was also offered a feature on the song. She was even pictured in the studio with YG earlier this year.

Kash also stated that despite the ‘She bad’ issue, there’s no bad blood between her and Cardi.

Kash Doll and Cardi B allegedly have a long-standing tension, stemming from last October. Cardi B was given a “Spirit of Detroit Award,” and Kash Doll openly questioned why Cardi, a New York native, would receive the award.


Despite both Cardi B and Kash Doll denying having issues with the other, the internet is buzzing over the song’s controversy. Even comedian Lil Duval commented:

Pregnant Cardi B seems to be overwhelmed by the constant backlash and scrutiny she’s faced this year on social media:

Is YG to blame for helping instigate the “female rap beef” stereotype, or is this strictly business as usual?

Listen to Kash Doll’s version of “She Bad” here:

By: @Miata_Shanay

Authored by: Kellie Williams