Fantasia Announces Weekend Wedding to Kendall Taylor

Fantasia-Wedding Ring-the jasmine brand

Apparently, the countdown is on for Fantasia Barrino and Kendall Taylor. This week, the soulful singer announced that this weekend, the two are having a wedding. Sharing a photo of her at the gym, Fantasia writes:

I know @sosonya15 BOUT TO KILL me today for my Big Wedding Day on SATURDAY
OMG!!! I NEVER THOUGHT THIS WOULD HAPPEN FOR ME… Im going to stay Tight and Right for him.. Mr. Taylor.. You guys I’m so happy and excited…

For the past year, Fantasia has referred to Kendall as her ‘husband’. There are conflicting reports as to whether they’ve already officially married and are just having a ceremony, or not.

Fantasia Reunites With Rumored Fiance Kendall Jackson-the jasmine brand

Earlier this week, she alluded to the fact that they may not yet be officially married, when she shared with followers why her online boutique was being put on hold. She writes:

Greetings to All my loyal and Loving Rock Soul fans. Many have asked about the RS BOUTIQUE and when will things be back up and running. I made a decision to pause because I wanted to take some time to just be a woman, a wife, and a mother. This wedding is a dream come true for me. So once the wedding is complete, and I’ve had time to enjoy the privacy of this moment, I will do all I possibly can to bring you stylish, classy, refreshing and unique pieces that you will love and that you deserve working with High Fashion Designers PRAYING to work for @shunmelson to come join me..