“Insecure” Wraps Season 3 w/ House Party, Plastic Cups & Lots of Hugs [VIDEO]

“Insecure” Wraps Season 3 w/ House Party, Plastic Cups & Lots of Hugs [VIDEO]

Insecure just finished filming their third season. Members of the cast and crew celebrated the milestone with cake, hugs, laughter, and plastic cups. Season three is scheduled to premiere on August 12th. Yvonne Orji (Molly) commemorated the celebration with a chant,

“Its the season wrap-up week! It’s the season wrap-up week! AYE! AYE!”

She also shared a cake she received from the crew she has renamed as family. Plastered in red cursive, the cake icing read,

Yvonne, we love you! Thank you for being amazing!

Orji captions the moment,

Seriously…I get to go to work everyday and LIVE MY BEST LIFE!! #FAM @insecurehbo

Executive producer and co-creator of the show, Issa Rae, took to Twitter to express her sentiments to this seemingly bittersweet moment.

Today is the last day of filming Season 3 of #InsecureHBO. I won’t be sober all week. I simply will not.

Hopefully she will be participating in a wine down, or two.

Showrunner and executive producer, Prentice Penny also celebrated the wrap up by dancing with Orji and sharing a video of himself, to his Instagram Story, commenting,

It’s the last day of season 3 of Insecure, all the writers are gone, today is our last day of filming. August 12th, y’all. Oh my God, I’m so glad this fucking day is about to be over!

With excitement and relief he also shared image on Instagram, captioning,

ISSA WRAP. #SEASON3 @insecurehbo



Although Issa is suspected to have a shy personality, she is never shy when it comes to giving credit where it’s due. The author has expressed how she has watched the new season promote itself, with the help of fans and social media.

We were just so excited by social media feedback and people being so into the show that we were all invigorated by how much people were invested in the show.

While many fans have unanswered questions about the ending of season two, Issa curbs fan’s curiosity by sharing some details of the new season. She states,

This season is about adulating in a new way. I think we’ve watched our characters really fumble and fuck up—and in some ways in your 20s you are allowed that—but this season is about not acting like you’re naive anymore or that you don’t know better. So it is about, what does it look like to know better and to do better?

The highly-buzzed series was renewed for third season in August 2017. Rae officially announced the series premiere date May 17th via Twitter. Another teaser, starring Issa as a “Mirror B*tch,” was released during the first week of June.


Insecure is a series which airs on HBO that showcases the hilarious and uncomfortable parts of life through the perspective of two black women and their friends, living in southern Los Angeles. Starring in the series is the show’s co-creator, Issa Rae (Issa Dee), Yvonne Orji (Molly), Jay Ellis (Lawrence), Amanda Seales (Tiffany), Natasha Rothwell (Kelli), Sarunas Jackson (Dro), Y’lan Noel (Daniel), Dominique Perry (Tasha).

Rae, along with Prentice Penny, Melina Matsoukas, Michael Rotenberg, Dave Becky and Jonathan Berry executive produce.

Viewers can catch up by streaming the first and second season on HBO’s website and app.

By: CaDarius Booker 

Authored by: Kellie Williams