Issa Rae Accused of Promoting F*ck*ry About Black Men, Jay Ellis Jumps To Her Defense 

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Issa Rae Accused of Promoting F*ck*ry About Black Men, Jay Ellis Jumps To Her Defense

Issa Rae revealed a little bit of what we can expect on the third season of Insecure. The producer and co-creator of the hit show, recently explained that fans can expect this season to touch on the topic of toxic black masculinity. Without directly spilling the beans on what to expect, Rae explained that toxic black masculinity is a topic that has yet to be explored with the HBO show. She stated

I love black masculinity as it relates to black women. I think that’s something interesting that we haven’t gotten a chance to explore yet—and specifically toxic male black masculinity as it relates to black women. I’m trying to find a way to explore that and get a rounded storyline that isn’t preachy.

Since revealing her idea on what it means to explore toxic black masculinity, Issa has been put under scrutiny by some black men for her fearless attitude on approaching the subject. In particular, writer and producer Curtis Scoon tweeted his thoughts on Rae wanting to address toxic black masculinity:

Issa Rae teases Season 3 “Insecure” will be about black masculinity. A topic I bet she thinks she’s an expert on. My guess is she’ll follow the trend of other prominent black women producers/directors/writers in filmmaking and promote some sort of fuckery about black men.

Insecure actor, Jay Ellis, quickly came to her defense of with this clapback on Twitter, putting her criticizers right into place:

As a black man who was a part of the first two seasons of @IssaRae and the very diverse writing staff of “Insecure’s” work, I’d have to say STFU! …btw pick your pants up, your toxicity is showing.

Ellis plays the role of Lawrence Walker, who has a long-term relationship with main character Issa Dee, also played by Issa Rae. Lawrence and Issa Dee had a tearful breakup during the first season, so it is not certain yet just how he will fit into season three, but we do know Insecure is set to be released August 12th.

By: Jeanine Cruz 

Authored by: Kellie Williams