Freeway Finds Possible Donor Match, Amid Battle w/ Kidney Disease [VIDEO]

Freeway Finds Possible Donor Match, Amid Battle With Kidney Disease

Rap legend Beanie Sigel is asking everyone to pray for Freeway in his battle with kidney disease. Philly rapper Freeway, has been receiving dialysis in Baltimore. While helping to raise awareness for the disease, the former State Property member has been very open about his health issues. He wants fans to go through the journey of recovery with him and share updates with his fans via social media.

The Roc Nation emcee tells all in a new documentary called ‘Think Free.’ The rapper brought in his doctor to discuss kidney education and his current diagnosis. Fellow Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel fought back tears in a Instagram video Monday updating fans on Freeway’s status. He said,

Please pray for my brother @phillyfreeway Just received great news that a possible compatible kidney was found. If it’s not compatible kidney at least he’s receiving calls now.

Beanie gets emotional in the video stating,

By Allah if my body wasn’t torn to pieces by years of mistreatment and bullets I would have been first on the list.

Sigel, referring to his 2014 shooting, has had his own share of health scares. Recently, during a Hot 97 freestyle he rapped,

It’s a new day I got some sh*t to tell ya/I got my sh*t together I suffered kidney failure/And my boy locked up I wouldn’t get to bail him/if he wasn’t upstate I wouldn’t get to mail him/ grew up in the trap crack paraphernalia.

Last weekend, Freeway shot a music video for a song called “The Intro” and supported Meek Mill at a rally at the Philadelphia Criminal Justice Center.

Prayers up to Freeway.

By: The Diamond K Show

Authored by: Kellie Williams