Irv Gotti Shows Off His New House – I’m Not Broke & 50 Cent Didn’t Kill Me! 

Irv Gotti Shows Off His New House – I’m Not Broke & 50 Cent Didn’t Kill Me!

Irv Gotti’s feud with 50 Cent goes back to the early 2000’s. The Murder Inc. head honcho has produced hit songs for Jay Z, Ja Rule, Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti, DMX, Fat Joe and more. While his rivalry with 50 never ceased, but it did slow down to a simmer – until last year. The record executive, television producer, Hip Hop and R&B record producer, who’s real name is Irving Domingo Lorenzo, Jr., had a big TV hit last year called TALES. The series premiered on BET in June of 2017. The innovative show had great ratings and was renewed for a second season. Irv participated in a very public back and forth with 50 last fall. The two moguls traded insults about the others BET shows. 50 Cent even threatened to get Irv’s TALES series cancelled. The multi-platinum producer responded by trashing 50 on social media, stating:

“You know I was speaking to my brother @ruleyorkcity and we was talking about things. And he inspired me to let things be known. As y’all know. The whore been saying he is gonna get Tales off BET. Haha. So let me let y’all know what the Whore did this week with his new bullsh*t series 50 Central. The #’s came in on Thursday. But I wasn’t gonna say shit. But my brother Rule said F-ck That n*gga. Let it be known. 50 Central WAS THE WORST PREMIERED SHOW IN BET ALL YEAR. BOTH THAT AND THE SHOW BEFORE IT COMBINED TO BE THE WORST PREMIERES FOR BET ALL YEAR. WITH RATINGS SO LOW AND RESPONSES FROM THE LIL PEOPLE WHO WATCHED SAYING ITS F*CKING HORRIBLE. I did not watch that bullsh*t. But I seen and heard what was being said. That it’s garbage. It’s awkward. What is this clown doing. Because you are a clown n*gga don’t mean you a funny clown n*gga. You just a f*cking clown. Idiot. So it looks like YOU CREATED A BAD IDEA. AND. AND. HORRIBLE EXECUTION YOU F*CKING WHORE. LOL.

Fast forward to the present day and Irv is showing off his new tricked out-home. He says,

Ok guys, yet another new home alert. I don’t really like frontin’ on y’all like this. But I do like frontin’ a lil bit to all of the people claimin’ I’m broke. All the haters. All the haters that be like yo this nigga broke. 50 killed y’all niggas – whatever. Yea, whatever. Yea whatever nigga. New home alert!. New home alert for all you haters. You know and I aint even selling none of my old homes. Look at that kitchen! Y’all know how I cook. Y’all know I’m gonna get busy. 

Gotti continued the social media tour of his luxury Atlanta dwelling,

Outside, you know what I am saying, that’s a little fire-pit over there, some tanning. You know what I am saying, and I can do some laps. Oh … and my grill, that has a rotisserie. That’s another fire place right there, and for the TV. You know what I am saying. It’s not bad. The dual kitchen. I like the two decks for my sous chefs. Prep is key. Every good chef knows that prep is key. I got a good grill.Bang, and I can make my pancakes and shit on that. I think my MiMi is gonna like this!

Gotti has done well for himself. As we previously reported, the producer and songwriter recently signed a worldwide publishing agreement with Warner/Chappell Music. Through the new deal Warner/Chappell will administer all of Gotti’s future material, including the music score for TALES.

Clearly the beef Irv Gotti has with 50 Cent is still going. After all the platinum music, movies, television shows and investments, both guys are living a enjoying a successful life.

By: DJ Diamond K


Authored by: TJB Writer