Claudia Jordan Defends Martin Lawrence’s Fiancee: She’s More Than Light Skinned!

Claudia Jordan Defends Martin Lawrence’s Fiancee: ‘Stop dividing us!’

Claudia Jordan is defending comedian and actor Martin Lawrence’s fiancee, Roberta Moradfar. In an photo shared to social media, Lawrence sends a happy birthday message to his soon to be wife. Writing,

My baby @effacebyroberta. You are my #WCW. Love the way you make my pancakes, hookin em up with that Aunt Jemima syrup. Happy Birthday Beautiful. My lil #haitianqueen.

As comments of “Happy Birthday” began pouring in, a few other comments called Lawrence’s female preference into question. After deeming the comedian is only fond of light skin women, talk show host, Jordan combated these claims. Writing on theJasmineBRAND’s Instagram page she says,

She’s more than just ‘light skinned’ and when is that gonna to stop being an issue? She’s a nurse with degrees and she’s from Haiti. Just as it is NOT cool to discriminate against dark skin women, it’s equally not as cool to ostracize a black woman because she’s light. How bout we stop doing the white man’s work/as in dividing us more? She’s a great catch so let’s not try to reduce her to a hue. That’s all ladies.

Roberta is a beauty aesthetician based in Los Angeles. Martin popped the question in 2017.

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By: Cadarius Booker

Authored by: Kellie Williams