Lauryn Hill Suing Family Member Who Ran Off w/ $65,000

Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill Suing Family Member Who Ran Off With $65,000

Lauryn Hill is suing her cousin Gerald Hill after she loaned him money last summer and he’s refused to pay her back, according to Bossip. According to court docs, Lauryn loaned Gerald $65,000 under the condition that he would pay her back with 10% interest if he did not return the money within three months. Gerald agreed to the terms and signed a contract to solidify the loan. Unfortunately, he never made good on his word.

Lauryn Hill

Hill never got her money so last month she took the matter to New Jersey court. She says she’s made many attempts to get her money back, however she believes that her cousin had no true intentions of repaying. Per their terms, if Gerald defaulted on their loan and she had to take him to court, Lauryn could force him to pay the entire amount plus the interest, lawyer fees and other costs.

Gerald Hill has yet to respond to the lawsuit.


Authored by: Eleven8