Kendall Jenner’s Dog Bites Little Girl, Reality Star & Boyfriend Ben Simmons Flee Scene

Kendall Jenner’s Dog Bites Little Girl

Kendall Jenner is receiving some negative attention and it isn’t for her modeling or new relationship with NBA player, Ben Simmons. Instead, the attention is regarding her dog.
Over the weekend, Jenner, Simmons, a mother, and her daughter were grabbing a bite at the Beverly Glen Deli in L.A. It was there where Jenner’s pet Doberman allegedly bit the little girl.

As the mother scurried inside the restaurant to treat her daughter’s wound, she shortly came to discover Jenner and her boyfriend had vanished. The couple fled the scene while dropping money on the table for their meal. After finding the pair had escaped, the mother followed up with a call to 911, who told her to inform Animal Control.

Reportedly, the alleged victim needed no medical attention from paramedics for the bite and Jenner’s dog was on a harness when it bit the little girl. Jenner has bragged about her dog being vicious before. In an Instagram post, she posed with the dog as the sun grazed over them with a caption attached,

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cute but she’ll rip your face off.


Authored by: Kellie Williams