R. Kelly’s Brother Releases Diss Track, Says Singer Gave Women STDs [New Music]

R. Kelly’s Brother Releases Diss Track, Says Singer Gave Women STDs [New Music]

Carey ‘Killa’ Kelly, R. Kelly‘s estranged brother, has released a response track to R. Kelly’s I Admit titled I Confess. On the diss track, Carey responds to his brother saying that he turned on him. R. Kelly says in I Admit:

I admit I miss my brothers (brothers) But I admit they weren’t acting like brothers/ Yeah, we’ve had our differences/But you don’t turn on your brother/For nothing, for no one, nada/Mama, Joanne, is watching /She must be turning over in her grave

Carey had a response to that. He even goes as far as to say Kellz had an STD. He says in his new track:

You see me, you get scared/you call the police/ You gave them females some crazy disease/ want you to know Momma not pleased

He also says:

Tell me how them n*ggas that tight and you ain’t gotta wife/something smells fishy, what’s going on/what kinda man want to spend the night in a man home?

You may recall that Carey is the brother that R. Kelly blamed during his child pornography case. In the midst of the trial regarding the infamous sex tape with a child, R. Kelly’s attorneys implied to news reports that it was not R. Kelly in the video with the young girl but instead, his brother, Carey. Carey told MTV News in 2006:

I was blamed for the video, and nobody’s saying anything about that because I’m a nobody. No one says, ‘Man, why did he say it’s his brother?’ His attorneys blamed me for the video. That’s the only reason I’m speaking out. They questioned me, and they followed me. I moved three or four times, but that was dumb, me not thinking they, the police, can find me. It was like I had done something wrong—a crime—urinated on a girl, and they treated me like I had actually done it. It was humiliating, it was frustrating, and it was aggravating.

Carey says that the allegations ruined his life. He’s had to move three or four times and children were also teased in school. R. Kelly’s attorneys deny ever telling reporters that Carey was the person in the video. Carey does not believe them, saying that he saw the report himself and that R. Kelly’s lawyers planned to use their resemblance to cast reasonable doubt in court.

If I’m seeing it, then the camera’s playing tricks on me. Unless this is ‘The Twilight Zone.’ I can’t knock the people who didn’t see it, but a lot of people did. And I felt like my brother should have come out and told people, ‘My attorney said this, and this is not true.’

Since then, the two haven’t been able to repair their relationship. You can listen to Carey’s entire diss track below.

Authored by: Eleven8