Janet Hubert Continues To Slam Will Smith, Trashes BET & TV One – They’re N*gg* Networks!

Janet Hubert Calls Alphonso Ribero A Media Hoe, Reacts To 'Fresh Prince' Reunion

Janet Hubert

Janet Hubert Continues To Slam Will Smith, Trashes BET & TV One – They’re N*gg* Networks!

Janet Hubert is pointing fingers at Will Smith for her life being turned upside down. The actress posted a video to YouTube, detailing why she is frustrated with the former Fresh Prince actor.

From 1990-93 Hubert played the original Aunt Viv on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but was let go after she claims Smith failed to support in re-negations of her salary. Consequently, Hubert was replaced, and now Hubert is speaking her truth. In this new video, she is calling out BET Networks, TV One, Cathy Hughes, in addition to Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith. She began,

“Y’all ain’t gon invite me to your red table so welcome to my butcher block. Now, this butcher block is not just for you. This is my last video. I am not on this earth much longer and I will not go to my grave feeling that questions have been unanswered. What misconceptions of me – that you put there – have never been dealt with, and especially for my son. I am tired. 

She renames BET and TV One as “N*gga Networks,” claiming the outlets released exacerbated stories that fueled the narrative questioning her mental stability. She asserts,

“You took my personal post and you put it on blast and you put what you thought I meant. You put your own seasoning on this so-called steak. Not caring what was happening in my life and not calling me to ask me if I was okay. No concern, no compassion for my situation whatsoever. I’ve realized something about the black media.”

She continues by claiming Smith lied about the status of her employment. She name drops Warren Littlefield, who she claims was there when her departure went down. She confesses,

“When a lie is told again, again, again, and again it becomes the truth. And since you and I know that no one in Hollywood has the guts to stand up, because it’s like a cartel, and I’m shocked that someone like Warren Littlefield who was there when all of this went, allowed it to go down! Nowhere does it ever say, I was fired. That was you and your tampon, Alfonso Ribeiro.”

Hubert went on to elaborate why she believes Will is to blame for her being broke, jobless and homeless,

“My life when you banished me and when you tainted me and when you put your poison in, you poisoned my entire world. You poisoned my art. You poisoned people against me. The vomit that you spewed.”

While she has dealt with being blackballed by The View and Oprah, Hubert also claims her child was succumbed to harassment and ridicule from his peers.

“He used to walk down the street and they would call him a little rich motherf*cker! We were certainly not rich!”

Hubert asserts she is plagued by the consequences and actions of Will, wishing he had taken better precautions before providing flawed statements about Hubert.

Watch the video below.

Hopefully, Will discuss this in his upcoming self-help book.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams