Safaree Reveals What Happened When He Ran Into Nicki Minaj At The VMAs

Safaree Reveals What Happened When He Ran Into Nicki Minaj at the 2018 VMAs

Safaree is known for expressing his flashy and eccentric personality frequently and when it came to the 2018 VMAs, he did not disappoint. The ex-boyfriend of rapper Nicki Minaj took to social media to discuss his time at the MTV award show. He spoke about his ex in an Instagram Story Monday evening.

This is suspected to be the first time the former couple has seen each other after both entertainers made puzzling comments about one another on social media.

As attendees were arriving at the Radio City Music Hall for the show, Safaree says he was walking through the metal detectors when he looked over and spotted Minaj.  He began,

“So what are the odds, when I go through the metal detector, as soon as I walk through” 

He elaborates by claiming he spoke to Ms. Minaj but she was not receptive to his greeting. “I look to my left guess who’s walking to the metal detector next to me, I say hi. Guess who looks at me like I’m stupid,”  he said as he finished out the clip with an animated laugh.


Better luck next time, Safaree!

Authored by: Kellie Williams