Kim Kardashian Working To Get 2nd Prisoner Released, Chris Young

Kim Kardashian, Chris Young

Kim Kardashian Working To Get 2nd Prisoner Released, Chris Young

Kim Kardashian continues to use her star power for good.

In June 2018, she met with Donald Trump to assist 63-year-old Alice Johnson in receiving a pardon.  The beauty mogul has reportedly been in talks with Trump’s son-in-law and aide, Jared Kushner who is reportedly “passionate” about reconstructing criminal sentence laws. In a recent appearance on Jason Flom’s “Wrongful Conviction” podcast, she confirms she is moving forward with another prisoner. She said,

“Yesterday, I had a call with a gentleman that’s in prison for a drug case — got life. It’s so unfair. He’s 30 years old. He’s been in for almost 10 years.”

Chris Young

This new prisoner’s name is, Chris Young. After being arrested in 2010, on marijuana and cocaine possession. According to the reality star, he received such a harsh sentence due to mandatory-sentencing regulations.

Chris Young

Kardashian has even taken an extra step in her activism to speak with the judge who sentenced him such a conflicting sentence. She adds, “I was on the phone with the judge that sentenced him to life,” said the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star in the sit-down,

“who resigned because he had never been on the side of having to do something so unfair, and now he is fighting [alongside] us to get [Young] out.”

The former Tennessee Judge Kevin Sharp, resigned because of how the law forced him to arrange such a harsh sentence.

Kim, Alice Marie Johnson

Before Johnson’s release, she served over 20 years of her life sentenced in prison. Johnson was sentenced on charges of money laundering charges and non-violent drug possession. After her release, in an interview with Today, Johnson confessed she had never heard of Kim before her assistance. Johnson says,

“As soon as I found out who she was, I started getting every magazine I could find. I started reading everything that I could about her. And everyone was amazed. And I was amazed, too.”

Trump even offered his two cents about the pardon at a recent GOP event,

“She [Kim Kardashian] did a great thing. She did a great thing. The person was in jail on a very strange thing. She was there for 22 years and it was based largely on a phone call that they were listening to and she had another 24 years, she was about 62 or 63 and I gave her a pardon.”

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