Lil’ Wayne On Settling Lawsuit w/ Birdman, Competing w/ Nicki Minaj & Drake + Attempting Suicide At 12

Lil Wayne

Lil’ Wayne On Settling Lawsuit w/ Birdman, Competing w/ Nicki Minaj & Drake + Attempting Suicide At 12

With a prolonged hiatus, Lil’ Wayne is peaking from under the shadows of depression, lawsuits, and the love of his life; making music. With a June verdict of the long winded lawsuit between his theatrical father, Baby “Birdman” Williams, Lil’ Wayne (real name Dewayne Carter), has been able to breathe the last few days as he lays the final touches on his heavily anticipated album, Tha Carter V. Although it seems like Wayne has postponed the release of the album until after he and Birdman came to a settlement – with his $51 million lawsuit – his proteges, Nicki Minaj and Drake, have been holding down his position since he’s been away.

As he teases coming for their necks in his new interview, he also is revealing some perplexing information about how he fell in love with rap. In the interview, he features the slated outro, and shares off record, when he was 12, he attempted suicide. The reason he took the gun to his chest was due to his mother telling him he wouldn’t be allowed to rap. He rhymed over Solange’s “Mad” from her telling album, A Seat At the Table. He spat,

“And when I attempted suicide, I didn’t die/I remember how mad I was on that day/Man, you gotta let it go before it get up in the way/Let it go, let it go.”

During the time of Weezy’s hiatus, fans had to relish with his old music and pray Tha Carter V would drop at any moment. As the New Orleans native’s career has been on a brief halt, fans itch to hear what the “A Milli” rapper has had stifled up for so long.  Read the excerpts to uncover what Wayne thinks about the lawsuit being finished, how he got through it,  Tha Carter V, and his plans on retiring.

What he feels about fans getting albums:

You know when you get somebody’s album you’re getting a little piece of them.

His Twitter rant in 2016 when he wanted out of Cash Money:

[I felt] mentally defeated. I’m a very passionate guy about anything I do. So once I find out that I’m being f*cked over, I’m going to be passionate about that emotion toward how I feel about it.

The most difficult part of the lawsuit process:

The difficult part of it, was finally having to pull the curtains back and see what the hell was out that window — having to actually care about other things than my music and my lyrics.

How he pushed through the legal drama:

I didn’t let it get to me too much. Just the confidence in knowing that there’s always a tomorrow and I’m going to make sure that tomorrow is bright. Some people can’t go on [like] that, like, ‘OK, tomorrow will be better.’ They need it to be better right now. And thank God I didn’t, and I never did.

How he handles relationships/himself since the legal drama started:

Not even just with him, but my relationships with a lot of people have become different, just because of how different I work now. I’m submerged in everything about myself, trying to be better at who I am. It’s something where you have to cut some things off.

Lil Wayne, Birdman

How he equates making music to skateboarding:

Once you put your feet on the board and start a session and notice that five hours have went by, you actually forgot what you was mad about ’cause you been too stuck on what you was trying to do. Whatever other reality is going on outside — I don’t care how serious it is — to you, it is not landing that f**kin’ fakie switch nosegrind.

Having friendly competition to his proteges Drake and Nicki Minaj:

They all the way — they got it. They know how to make them joints that y’all going to be runnin’ to. I’m something else with my music. I’m coming straight at Drake’s and Nicki’s neck, Lord have mercy. I’ma out-sing Drake, I’ma date Nicki. It’s goin’ down.

Why he took so long with Tha Carter V and how he’s preparing himself with how it will be received:

I’m very much a perfectionist, [but] I don’t know what it’s setting me up for — some big comeback, or maybe some big fall back or whatever — but it’s setting me up for something, and I’m ready.


Lil Wayne

How he feels about doing features:

I don’t write. When you write something down, you know which thoughts to put on paper to keep you in the subject. You can send me a love song, and I may still find a way to bring [something else] up, ’cause it’s what I’m going through.

His thoughts on his greatness:

I must be a hell of a motherf*cker. In football, when a motherf*cker hasn’t been playing one year, we expect him to be nothing. Thank God I’m in music, and they still expect me to be up there with no one touching me, other than my own [Young Money] artists.

If he has plans on to retire:

I do think about retirement. I think about how I don’t think I ever will.

With Wayne recently settling the $51 million lawsuit between Cash Money records and its CEO Birdman, he is now the sole owner of Young Money records. The “father and son” have settled the lawsuit to an undisclosed amount. This will be Weezy’s first album without a Cash Money records imprint. With a rumored release date of September 21st, Young Money’s official Twitter account released a new album cover for the album.

Authored by: Andre Palmer