Wanda Sykes Boo’d After Cracking Donald Trump Jokes

Wanda Sykes Shows No Remorse For Trump Supporters

Wanda Sykes turned lemons into lemonade during her comedy show in New Jersey on Thursday. The comedienne showed up to Count Basie Center for the Arts ready to fire off jokes about the current U.S. president, Donald Trump. Reportedly, Sykes opened her show with several jokes about the president, but was faced with the brunt force of attendees booed and walked out during her set.

Wanda Sykes

The specific joke being alleged that made over a dozen attendees leave is, Sykes mentioning how she noticed the crowds faces were aging at an accelerated rate due to the pressure of the Trump administration. Upon her utterance, attendees are said to have begun heckling the comedian. One attendee yelled,

Do some comedy!

Another shouted,

Too political!

In lieu of attendees leaving, sources say arguments and heated discussions began in the lobby of the theater. Many attendees were discussing if they thought what Sykes was saying was appropriate, while others demanded their money back.

One woman stated,

I paid for a comedy show, not for a political venue. First of all, you don’t bash our president. I am not a Trump supporter, but he is my president, and I would never bash my president.

Sykes shared a photo Thursday evening to her Instagram, thanking the people who stayed. She wrote in her caption,

Thank you #CountBasieTheatre! I love my fans. And a special thanks to those who participated in the VIP meet n greet. The proceeds will be going to #FulfillFoodBank. @fulfill_nj. As for the Trump supporters who walked out…too bad, you missed a lot of great dick jokes! #idontplay #blacklesbian

She also retweeted a supporter on Twitter.

Authored by: Andre Palmer