“Insecure” Actress Amanda Seales Disagrees w/ White Women Kneeling To Protest Rape Culture – Where The F**k Have Y’all Been?!

Amanda Seales

“Insecure” Actress Amanda Seales Disagrees w/ White Women Kneeling To Protest Rape Culture

Amanda Seales is responding to white women who have attempted to take a stand with women who are victims of sexual assault. The “Insecure” actress called out these women as another edition of her highly transparent and informative “IG Story Gems.” In a video, she detailed her discourse with the women who chose to kneel against rape culture,

Hold up. White women are kneeling to protest rape culture?

She proceeded to question,

Naw, where the f*ck was y’all at when was kneeling about police brutality? Where the f*ck y’all was at when Kaep [Colin Kaepernick] was getting his ass handed to him, because he was kneeling about police brutality? In general, where the f*ck y’all been at?!


Where the f*ck y’all was at when other white women were voting for Trump? Don’t be out here kneeling for rape culture, because the fact of the matter is, you don’t even have true intersectionality when you talk about rape culture. A lot of these motherfu**kers don’t. Too many of them. Any of these women – Republicans – that voted Kavanaugh in is another white woman on the f*ck shit! It’s y’all!

For clarity, Seales is discussing the many women who have responded to Brett Kavanaugh being voted into the Supreme Court. Bishop Talbert Swan has weighed in and provided further clarity to why white women kneeling is a disapproval in the eyes of minorities in the U.S. He shared on Twitter Saturday,

White women kneeling during the anthem to protest “rape culture” is hijacking a movement you took no risks for. You didn’t kneel in solidarity to protest the murder of Black people, don’t co opt & make it about your victimization. That’s white supremacy in the name of feminism.

The idea of kneeling comes after Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee in 2016, during the national anthem, in order to silently protest against police brutality.

What’s your take on white women beginning to take a stand towards social injustice?

Authored by: Andre Palmer