T-Pain Finally Gets Delta Airlines To Play His Music [VIDEO]

T-Pain Finally Gets Delta Airlines To Play His Music

A few weeks ago, T-Pain reached out to Delta Airlines to critique their choice of on/off boarding music. The rapper, singer and producer tweeted:

Delta we gotta change these boarding/taxiing songs more often guys. All of Us Million milers (quick brag) have to hear these same joints multiple times a day. I gotta go perform in the staples center in a minute and Adele just put me in the weirdest mood. Now I’m crying. Thanx.

Delta responded with a very reasonable excuse as to why they don’t play his music during boarding/taxiing.

Our boarding/taxing songs are intended to provide a relaxing experience. Can you imagine what would ensue if we played “buy u a drank” (a personal fave), with everyone snappin’ their fingers and what not? We’d never get anywhere on time. Necessary sacrifices, Mr. Pain.

T-Pain responded with, “Touché. Understandable,” clearly understanding that his music is much too hype for the vibe the airline is going for. However, it appears that a few weeks after their exchange, Delta may have had a change of heart.  Over the weekend, as T-Pain head back to Atlanta from Los Angeles, Delta let “Buy U A Drank” play over the speakers and as expected, they couldn’t stop dancing.



That was cool of Delta!


Authored by: Eleven8